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Social Media - Stanford Social E ASB (January 2010)

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Here is a presentation I gave as a guest lecturer for Stanford Universities Social-E ASB (Alternative Spring Break) class.

It starts with a high level overview of social media and email marketing and gets into specific tactics as the slides progress.

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Social Media - Stanford Social E ASB (January 2010)

  1. @Stanford Social-E ASB<br />1/18/2010<br />
  2. Why am I talking?<br />Social Media Strategist<br />100k+ UStream<br />45+ Countries Worldwide<br />11.8m Social Media Impressions<br />30+ Volunteers <br />www.tedxsv.org<br />Co-Founder<br /><ul><li>> 3 months
  3. 13 Digests Worldwide (Paris, Tokyo, NYC, Toronto, etc)
  4. 20k+ Subscribers
  5. 17 team members
  6. www.thestartupdigest.com</li></li></ul><li>Big Picture: Have a Purpose<br />TEDxSV = Inspire social change <br />[Startup Digest] = Connect startup hubs <br />TEDxSV = Increase UStream, facilitate convo’s, build brand <br />[Startup Digest] = Subscribers, Curators, Sponsors<br />
  7. Big Picture: Use Metrics<br />TEDxSV = bit.ly, pieces of content, FB fans, RT’s, etc<br />[Startup Digest] = Subscribers, Conversion Rate, additional cities, open-rate, etc<br />Why? <br />Motivation, Baselines, Goals, Continuous updates <br />
  8. Big Picture: Leading<br />TEDxSV = Execution vs. Leading, Inspire Ideas and Updates <br />[Startup Digest] = Distributed Curators, Consolidated effort <br />Why?<br />Distrusted reach beyond yourself, get others to take action, scale, commitment <br />
  9. ToolBox: Your Levers <br />Type of Content: Announcements, news, community driven, etc<br />Channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, UStream, etc<br />Flow: Content generation and syndication <br />Process-itize: Bite Size Chunks <br />
  10. Practical Tactics: Package Participation <br />
  11. Practical Tactics: Email Updates<br />1x – 2x a week<br />Use metrics, give specific ideas, generate content, ask for feedback/ideas back <br />Learn from participants – Measure what works <br />
  12. Practical Tactics: Ramp Up<br /><ul><li>1 week before a specific events
  13. Keep pushing for higher and higher goals
  14. Tap into those last influencers (next tactic)</li></li></ul><li>Practical Tactics: Influencers + Existing Communities <br />Identify – TwitterLists, bloggers, organizations <br />Reach out – Introduce, share, don’t sell <br />Give pre-packaged content – People are lazy<br />Tips: # tags, @facebook pages, commenting, promoting & cross promoting properties <br />#<br />
  15. How do you initially acquire users? <br />What twitter apps do you use?<br />Questions?<br />Contact: chris.r.mccann@gmail.com<br />@cmccann7 <br />What are some success metrics?<br />What’s the difference between Twitter and Facebook?<br />Why is email still important?<br />What is bit.ly?<br />How can I get press to write about me?<br />What’s the first thing to get started? <br />What’s the difference between a facebook group and page?<br />Who do you use for your mailing list?<br />What do you mean cross promote?<br />Why is twitter so important?<br />