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Question 3

  1. Question 3 By Callum McDonnell
  2. What is distribution? Distribution is how the film companies and the people who create the films release them into the public in such a way that it attracts many people. Distribution is not usually carried out by the filmmakers themselves but is handed onto the distribution companies who sort out how it is distributed and where it is distributed.
  3. Give examples of distribution companies (major and independent) There are two main types of distribution companies which are Independent and major. The difference between the two is that the major companies tend to have more money to spend and they typically distribute films to a mass audience. Whereas independent companies tend to have less money to spend and typically distribute films to s more niche audience and a smaller audience. Some examples of some major companies might include Warner Brothers; 20th century fox; paramount pictures; universal pictures and Walt Disney studios. Some examples of independent films studios might be Lionsgate films and also BBC films.
  4. Think about the sort of film you have produced. Compare this to the type of films the distribution companies have released before – are any of them likely to be interested in your film? Explain why. A film quite similar to ours might be "the girl on the train", this is because it is a similar genre, psychological thriller, and the storyline is quite similar and revolves around a stalker. This film is distributed by a independent film studio being DreamWorks. This means that we should similarly go with a independent film distributor for our film as I believe that this would benefit our film and allow it to fit into its category better. As DreamWorks recently released this film I believe that they would be interested in our film. This is because it appeals to a mass audience and would be successful in movies as it would be very popular.
  5. Is your film going to appeal to UK audiences only? Or does it have a wider appeal? Why? Why not? Our film I believe is going to be popular world wide and not just in the UK. This is because the storyline is easy to understand and can easily be translated into other languages for the world to watch and enjoy, not just the UK. It would have a much wider audience and be watched by people all over the world as the storyline can be understood by all and would have a similar effect on every type of person after they watched it.
  6. Possible marketing strategies, release strategies and exhibition options A possible marketing strategy that we could use as a filming company could be that we could start off by releasing the trailer and from this we would start to advertise and spread the word of the film and share the trailer around. One method we could also use to attract the slightly younger audience would be to use social media to release the trailer and offer deals and promotions through this so that they would want to go and watch the film even more. After all the advertising a possible marketing strategy that we could use which I though might be effective might be to release the film slightly early to a few famous people and celebrities and use them to promote the film even more as people aspire to be like them, which would make them want to go watch the film even more.
  7. Consider self-distribution as well • Self Distribution is when filmmakers decide not to use a distributer and try and distribute the film themselves. This occasionally works but sometimes the film companies lack the knowledge and power that the distributors have. We could consider self distributing as this would allow us to save more money and also allow us to gain knowledge of this subject. On the other hand though the distributors are more likely to be more skilled at doing this and are more likely to distribute the film better. This might mean that the film would gain more popularity if it was shared by a distributer as the public know and trust a brand such as Warner Brothers, so they might want to watch the film more because of the strong brand reputation and are less likely to watch a film from someone they have never heard of.