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Sex appeals in advertising

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Sex appeals in advertising

  1. 1. SEX APPEAL IN ADVERTISING By: Chelsea Moss
  2. 2. Advertisements use sex appeal to create brand recognition, brand loyalty, and influence consumers to purchase products or services Herbel Essence is a prime example of an advertisement that uses sex appeal to try and reach it’s audience
  3. 3. Advertisers rely heavily on sex appeal in advertising due to the fact that shock value carries a lot of weight in our culture This need to fight for attention through advertisements has brought about a great deal of unethical advertisements
  4. 4. Obviously these advertisements are suggestive and can get almost anyone's attention With that being said, these types of ads end up not only making the consumer feel inadequate but depict a false sense of reality and fulfillment of what a product will really do  It is unethical to play off people’s insecurities to sell a product. (Moog, 160)
  5. 5. Carol Shepherd, author of the article, “The Influence of Sex in Advertising, makes a great point when saying, “What began as the exposure of a titillating bit of ankle in the 1800's has evolved into explicit promises of sex in the slogans of some advertising campaigns. What was once innuendo and suggestion has become overt sexuality.”
  6. 6. Advertisements also depict a false ideal women which has ultimately slandered the portrayal of female beauty For example…
  7. 7.  These types of sexual appeals used in advertisements give women the unrealistic notions of what they should look like  The beauty that so many seek is unattainable due to the fact that it is a mere illusion. The portrayal of female beauty in advertising is completely misleading and unethical
  8. 8. JEAN KILBOURNE  Jean Kilbourne, noted speaker on sex and advertising, furthers my point saying, “Women learn from a very early age that we must spend enormous amounts of time, energy and above all money, striving to achieve this look and feeling ashamed and guilty when we fail. And failure is inevitable because the ideal is based on absolute flawlessness. She never has any lines or wrinkles, she certainly has no scars or blemishes, indeed she has no pores. And the most important aspect of this flawlessness is that it can not be achieved, no one looks like this including her; and this is the truth, no one looks like this. “
  9. 9. Ultimately, the use of sex appeal in advertising has indirectly caused our society into a spiraling mass producing hypersexualized domain which that has lead to the outcome of unethical and immoral advertisements