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Customer Experience Metrics

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How to choose actionable & predictive metrics as leading indicators of your overall objectives. Setup key performance indicators, measurement dashboards, balanced scorecards, and management tools for follow-through and accountability. Applies to ANY use of metrics.

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Customer Experience Metrics

  1. 1. www.ClearActionCX.com Customer Experience Metrics KPIs: Leading & Lagging Indicators
  2. 2. © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved. Which Key Performance Indicators to Monitor?  MPH  $/Gal  MPG Objective: Minimize Costs Symptoms or Root Causes?
  3. 3. Most Objectives Are Like Onions Many Layers Inside Inner Layers = Roots for New Growth! Most Visible Layer of Limited Use © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Example: 'Peeling The Onion' Order Accuracy Wrong Item Code Missing Item Code Delegated Coding Ordered Wrong Part Outdated Supply List Allowed by Procedures Lack of Training Frequency: Supply List Distribution Market Results: Customer's Measures Quality Results: Manager's Measures Process Drivers: Team's Measures Root Causes: Leading Measures 1) Why? 2) Why? 3) Why?Root Out Problem © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Root Causes of Symptoms Symptom: MPG Machines Management Environment Methods ManpowerMaterials Acceleration Deceleration Spark Plugs Oil Change Tire Pressure MPH Distractions Fuel Boost Hybrid Root Causes Are Leading Indicators © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. © 2008 ClearAction. All rights reserved. Your Work Process Internal step(s) with EARLY signals Outputs of Your Work Process A step on the customer journey or business result Inputs to Your Work Process Info, materials, skills, culture (source can be internal or external) CHECKPOINT CHECKPOINT #1a ATTENTION ON CRITICAL CONTROL POINT LEADING INDICATOR #2 ATTENTION ON RESULTS LAGGING INDICATOR #1b ATTENTION ON INCOMING CHECKPOINT LEADING INDICATOR SIPOC = Suppliers  Inputs  Process  Outputs  Customer
  7. 7. ClearActionCX.com See the whole presentation in ClearAction Insiders! © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. ClearActionCX.com If You Like These Concepts, Get the Book! 4 Keys Explained 10 Templates Step-by-Step Guidelines © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. ClearAction Consulting Clients “ClearAction taught us things that wouldn’t readily cross our minds and has increased our efficiency & accuracy in many areas. We highly recommend ClearAction as a business consultant.” © Copyright ClearAction LLC. All rights reserved. Partial List Send us a note: OptimizeCX@ClearActionCX.com
  10. 10. OptimizeCX@ClearActionCX.com tel +1 408 687 9700 Lynn Hunsaker ClearAction company/clearaction-llc +ClearActionCXO CustomerExperienceOptimization