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Networking & branding

Networking & Branding

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Networking & branding

  1. 1. By: Claudio De La Parra
  2. 2.  Your professional brand is an essential component of your online and offline networking efforts. It answers the question “Who am I as a professional”
  3. 3.  Networking is the art of building mutually beneficial relationships. It is the best way to identify new career opportunities and strengthen your professional reputation and brand. By engaging in face-to-face and online networking activities, you are paving the way to your next career. Start engaging in your future by growing and strengthening your network.
  4. 4.  Approximately 80% of jobs are in the non-advertised "hidden job market."  Employers are more likely to interview someone whose work and reputation they know, either directly or indirectly.  You learn about career opportunities, work environments, best practices, hot topics and challenges, and key players in your career field.  You can showcase information, accomplishments, passions, and skills that might not arise in an interview.  You strengthen your professional reputation or "brand."
  5. 5.  Start by taking an inventory of people you already know, as they might be important contacts or know others who can benefit you. Reach out to friends, family, colleagues, and supervisors via e-mail, phone, or LinkedIn to let them know what you are seeking.
  6. 6.  • Alumni organizations  • Classes  • Clubs, such as hobby groups or fitness facilities  • Former workplace contacts  • Friends  • Neighbors  • Participants in conferences, seminars, or workshops  • Political groups  • Professional associations  • Relatives  • Service professionals: attorneys, accountants, doctors, dentists, insurance agents, pharmacists, realtors, travel agents, veterinarians  • Volunteer service organizations
  7. 7.  • Facebook  • Google+  • Meetup.com  • LinkedIn  • Twitter
  8. 8.  Social media sites can be fun, but they also allow you to showcase your brand and grow your network. We recommend to review your social media to ensure your online image is professional and an asset to your job search.
  9. 9.  LinkedIn is the top online professional networking site. It allows you to connect globally with other professionals, join groups, share ideas and information, follow companies, and search for jobs. It also helps others seeking talent to find you.
  10. 10.  Develop your brand. Think about what makes you stand out in your current or desired career field.  Clean up your online image. Conduct a simple internet search of your name to see what is currently out there. Remember, if people can find it, it is a part of your brand.  Build relationships offline. Professional associations, volunteering, and connecting with your community will quickly expand your network.  Build relationships online. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogs are great social media tools to showcase expertise and expand your network.  Tailor your LinkedIn profile. Learn how to create a LinkedIn account. Complete your profile to 100% and tailor your headline and summary.
  11. 11.  Target your efforts. Take time to set networking goals and reflect upon your progress.  Share your passion. When you meet someone new, it is your opportunity to share your passion toward your field.  Show gratitude. Send a thank-you note when a professional goes out of his or her way to meet with you.  Follow up. Set a date when you will follow up with people in your network to maintain your relationships.  Give back to your network. Once you have established your network, pay it forward and be a mentor for others!
  12. 12. Inside of me is infinite power, my journey ahead of me is full of endless possibility, around me is unlimited probabilities. I must use my mental, physical and spiritual strength to accomplish it all! ~Claudio De La Parra~

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Networking & Branding


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