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Clare Louise Dodds cv

  1. 1. Clare Louise Dodds 7 Turnberry Close, Bicester, Oxon, OX26 4YQ 07480 135796 / 01869 601683clareldodds@btinternet.com Personal Profile: A Junior Graphic Designer with 6 years’ experience within the design environment. A keen and able learner who has, recently completed a MA (Hons) Illustration, BA (Hons) Graphic Design and BA (Hons) Illustration; achieving First Class Honours for all three of the degrees. Hardworking, reliable and flexible with the ability to work well unsupervised and an excellent attendance and punctuality record. Current seeking a position to build on my current knowledge, skills and experience. Key Skills:  Works well under pressure: I am able to work efficiently under pressure and can effectively manage small and large tasks  Time management: I have excellent time management skills; In my role as Warrant Officer, I have to ensure that groups tasks were written up on time so that the cadets knew what they were doing the night before  IT; I have a good understanding of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I also have an understanding of DreamWeaver and I can effectively use Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher  Training: I have experience of successfully supporting and training others and I teach Heart Start (basic first aid) to Cadets and Staff  Team work: I have experience of contributing to the success of effective teams; during my time in the different Cadet Organisations, I have contributed to many teams in successfully complete tasks  Communication: I have very good communication skills and can effectively communicate with a diverse range of people face to face and in writing  Planning and organisation: I am extremely organised and can effectively complete administrative tasks to a high level  Creative: I have strong creative skills; in my first project at University I successfully created packaging for a healthy snake for children and was rewarded with the highest grade  First aid: I am fully qualified first aider having successfully completed a level 3 first aid at work Work History:  2012- Present: Adult Warrant Officer (WO): RAF Air Cadets  2010- Present: Adult Regimental Sergeant Major Instructor (RSMI): Army Cadet Force  2010- 2015: Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr): RAF Reserves Responsibilities include:  Successfully supervising a team of up to 80 people  Training and Teaching new cadets  Working as part of a successful team  Working as a team leader  Communicating to large groups of people; this can be up to 300 people  January 2015- Paterson’s Recruitment: Temporary Work- Responsibilities include:  Sorting and packing different types of food  August 2013: DHL: Picker and Packer- Responsibilities include:  Sorting and Packing different types of food  Building and filling stands to hold food  November 2012: Cherwell Graphics: Junior Graphic Designer-
  2. 2. Responsibilities include:  Too learn what a Graphic Designer does  Designing different products for different clients  June to July 2008: Shirley Aquatics: Sales Assistant- Responsibilities include:  Cleaning out the animal, giving food to the animals  Learning about the different types of animals Education and Training:  2013- Present: Open University-  MA (Hons) Illustration: 1st  2010- 2013: Open University-  BA (Hons) Illustration: 1st  BA (Hons) Graphic Design: 1st  2012- 2014: City of Oxford College-  Level 2 Pre Access Diploma in Progress: Pass  Level 3 Access Diploma in Humanities: Distinction  2008- 2010: City of Oxford College-  Level 2 First Diploma in Art & Design: Distinction  Level 3 Extended Diploma in Graphic Design: Distinction, Distinction, Distinction  Level 3 Extended Diploma in Photography: Distinction, Distinction, Distinction  Level 3 Extended Diploma in Illustration: Distinction, Distinction, Distinction  Level 3 Key Skills in Communication: Pass  Level 3 Key Skills in Application of Number: Pass  Level 3 Key Skills in Information and Communications Technology: Pass  Level 3 Key Skills in Working with Others: Pass  Level 3 Key Skills in Improving Own Learning and performance: Pass  Level 3 Key Skills in Problem Solving: Pass  Level 4 key Skills in Improving Own Learning and performance: Pass  Level 4 key Skills in Problem Solving: Pass  Level 4 Key Skills in Working with Others: Pass  2008: The Cooper School Bicester-  Level 3 BETC Award in Mathematical Application: Distinction  15 GCSE at Grade A*  6 A-Levels at Grade A*  Achieved Grade 8 in Trumpet, Keyboard, Guitar (Electric, Acoustic, Bass), Drums, Violin, Double Bass, Saxophone, Trombone, Flute, Bagpipes  Level 2 Certificate of Personal Effectiveness: Distinction  Level 1 NVQ in Agriculture: Distinction  Level 2 Functional Skills English: Pass  Level 2 Functional Skills Math: Pass  Level 2 Functional Skills ICT: Pass  January 2011: Air Cadets-  Full Private Pilot Licence  Full Private Gliding Licence  Full Private Helicopter Licence  Private Gliding Instructor  2009: Air Cadets, Army Cadets, Sea Cadets-  Bronze, Silver, Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award
  3. 3.  Bronze, Silver, Gold National Navigation Award Additional Information/ Achievements  2000- 2010: Cadet Colonel (CCOL): US Marines Corps JROTC  2000- 2010: Cadet Chief Master Sergeant (CCMSgt):US Air Force JROTC  2000- 2010: Cadet Command Sergeant Major (CCSgtM): US Army JROTC  Achieved the highest rank that I could in the US Marines, US Air Force, US Army Cadets  2002- 2010: Cadet Warrant Officer One (CWO1): Royal Marines Cadet Corps  2002- 2010: Cadet Petty Officer (CPO): Sea Cadets Corps  2003- 2010: Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (CRSM): Army Cadet Force  2005- 2012: Cadet Warrant Officer (CWO): RAF Air Cadet  Achieved the highest rank that I could in the Marine, Sea, Army, Air Cadets  2010- 2014: Cadet Colonel (CCOL): US Marines Corps ROTC  Achieved highest rank that I could in the US Marines Cadets  2006- 2012: Nijmegen March-  Achieved this March 7 times for both Air Cadets and Army Cadets  2006- 2013: The Moonraker Challenge-  Achieved this challenge 16 times in both Bicester and Oxford  2006- 2013: Three Peaks Challenge-  Achieved this challenge 8 times  2007: Drill Instructor-  Achieved this with all the Cadet Organisations  2008: RAF Air Cadets-  Instructor Air Cadet  Aerospace Instructor  Junior Leader Instructor  2009- 2012: Lord- Lieutenants Cadet-  Achieved this 3 times with Air, Army and Sea Cadets  207 Gold, 179 Silver, 2 Bronze Medals won for different Sports and Athletics  5 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze Medals won for 10 Pin Bowling  Achieved 394 medals by doing sports at wing, Region, Corps levels, in all the different Cadet Organisation Interests: I enjoy keeping fit and active and have been involved as a cadet since 2000. References are Available on Request

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