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Digital Product Management

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PhDigital Bootcamp - Digital Product Management

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Digital Product Management

  1. 1. Welcome!!!
  2. 2. Schedule • Thursday – Product Management; Social Media & Analytics • Friday – Data Journalism; Field Trip to Texas Tribune and Panel with TXST Alumni • Saturday – Coding: Frontend Development & Working with Data • Sunday –Drones; Curriculum and Pedagogy • Monday– VR/360 Video; Emerging Research Trends; completion and presentation of Curriculum Project
  3. 3. Curriculum Project 1. Pick one topic on which to focus. Prepare a hands-on prototype that you can present on Monday and continue working on in the future. Discuss what you did, how you did it, what you learned and how you plan to continue learning in the future. 2. Create a curriculum plan to incorporate this topic. How will you demonstrate this as a course or a significant module of a course? Title Description Objectives Course outline Deliverables Discuss particular challenges in offering this type of a course
  4. 4. Product Management
  5. 5. Products Platforms Data Engagement Websites, apps, bots, podcasts, interactive storytelling projects… Content management systems, social networks, commenting systems, blogs, wikis… Data provides the basis for content management systems, social networks, analytic platforms and interactive storytelling Digital engagement includes participation on social networks, commenting on websites and interacting with content. Algorithms The rules of the platform that determine what a user sees
  6. 6. Product Managers • Leadership • Strategy • Communication • Empathy • Cross-functional teams • Audience-focused • Decision-making based on data • User experience • Tech savvy • Business savvy • Problem Solving • Innovation • Special challenges in a media context
  7. 7. Jobs
  8. 8. Jobs
  9. 9. Design Thinking
  10. 10. Task How Might We Develop Undergraduate Curriculum with a Digital Media Product Focus in Mind?
  11. 11. Digital Media Innovation Degree • Launched Aug. 2016 • Currently 285 enrolled; 100+ have graduated so far • Based on success of our graduate degree in Digital Media • Core communication courses: intro, writing and law • Core Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media • DMI required courses: • Web Design and Publishing • Advanced Social Media and Analytics • Digital Innovation Capstone • DMI Electives – Multimedia Journalism, Coding & Data Skills, Mobile Media Development, Data Journalism, VR/360 Video and more
  12. 12. Ideation What are the goals of a digital media product curriculum?
  13. 13. Ideation What type of students will you hope to develop in this process? What should they be able to do? What kind of jobs should they move and progress into?
  14. 14. Ideation What are the elements of this curriculum? Think in terms of courses or modules. Consider traditional and emerging concepts and skills.
  15. 15. Prototype Organize this into a curriculum. How is this different than curriculum that you are familiar with? What needs to change, what needs to go? What would prevent this from happening? What are risks if it doesn't?
  16. 16. Skype Aron Pilhofer - James B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation at Temple University; Executive Editor, Digital, and interim Chief Digital Officer at the Guardian in London; Associate Managing Editor for Digital Strategy and editor of Interactive News at The New York Times Trei Brundrett- Chief Operating Officer, Vox Media; formerly Chief Product Officer and VP, Technology and Product Becca Aaronson – Director of Product, Chalkbeat; product manager and senior deceloper, Texas Tribune