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Bending, Breaking and Blending the Academy

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Innovation in Teaching and Research - keynote for TXST Graduate Research Conference

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Bending, Breaking and Blending the Academy

  1. 1. Blending Innovations in Teaching and Research Breaking the Academy… Bending croyal@txstate.edu cindyroyal.com @cindyroyal slideshare.net/cindyroyal Cindy Royal, Ph.D. Professor Founding Director, Media Innovation Lab Texas State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  2. 2. Innovation New technologies
  3. 3. Innovation New method or process
  4. 4. Innovation Entrepreneurship
  5. 5. Across Disciplines New ways to tell stories
  6. 6. Across Disciplines New perspectives
  7. 7. Across Disciplines New ways to engage audiences
  8. 8. Across Disciplines New types of products
  9. 9. Across Disciplines New competencies
  10. 10. Across Disciplines New ways to verify information, ownership, authenticity, transactions
  11. 11. Across Disciplines New developments in health, agriculture, science
  12. 12. Across Disciplines New ways to hail a cab or book a room
  13. 13. Across Disciplines new ways to sell
  14. 14. Across Disciplines new ways to buy
  15. 15. Across Disciplines new ways to connect, create and collaborate
  16. 16. Across Disciplines new ways to create and enjoy art, music, culture
  17. 17. Bending • An original idea is adjusted or tweaked: alterations in size, shape, material, speed, chronology and more • Existing course are tweaked • New courses added to existing degrees • New platforms adjust old
  18. 18. Breaking • A whole is taken apart • Brand new curricula are proposed and adopted • Experience learning opportunities • New platforms disrupt traditional models
  19. 19. Blending • Two or more sources are merged • Media is now a blending of technology and communication • Social media influence on social movements • Cross discipline grants and research projects
  20. 20. In Research • New research questions • New subjects • New methods • New venues for publication and sharing • New opportunities for collaboration
  21. 21. In Research • Ethics of algorithms - the new gatekeepers • Spread of misinformation via social media • Cyberbullying • Social interaction patterns • Sports, music, entertainment relationship with fans • The role of influencers to traditional marketing • Role of mobile devices in society • Use of data/analytics and the role of artificial intelligence • Product management - new roles/competencies in a digital realm
  22. 22. In Teaching • Preparation • Adopting new technologies • Integrating teaching and scholarship • Staying aware of trends • Curiosity and experimentation • Being comfortable with not "knowing it all" • Modeling processes and behaviors • Passion and enthusiasm • Critical thinking • Embracing new terminology
  23. 23. New Languages and Terminology
  24. 24. Challenges • Collaboration • Staying up-to-date • Tolerating risk and accepting failure • Group think • Publications averse to change or slow to publish • Publish or perish • Quantity over quality • Assessing effects • Ask "does it matter?" • Preparing students for the world they are entering
  25. 25. Resources • The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes the World by Anthony Brandt and David Eagleman • SXSW Interactive • Read Tech sites like TechCrunch, SmashingMag, Wired, Nieman Journalism Lab. Tech section of NY Times and FastCompany.com • Books by Gary Vaynerchuk – Crushing It and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook • Follow on social media, join relevant groups/pages • KPCB Internet Trends Report • Journalism, Media and Tech Trends – Reuters