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Be More Valuable, Faster

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Time to value - how long it takes for a customer to sign up, set up, and get some initial value from your product/service - is the most important metric you're probably not optimizing.

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Be More Valuable, Faster

  1. 1. Be More Valuable, Faster Cindy Alvarez General troublemaker at Yammer (Microsoft) Author of Lean Customer Development
  2. 2. What is “time to value”?
  3. 3. How long does it take before: •  Customer is reassured that they’re in the right place •  Customer feels less stupid than when they started
  4. 4. Why does time to value matter? •  Retention •  Retention •  Retention •  Retention •  Retention
  5. 5. Why are we terrible at this?
  6. 6. Curse of knowledge
  7. 7. “Proxy” value feels like a…
  8. 8. True value is usually slow, so… •  Might have to use “proxy” value •  MVV (minimum viable value) •  Social proof •  Preview + progress
  9. 9. Value changes as customers evolve
  10. 10. It’s only 1% of the product…
  11. 11. THIS 1% of the product
  12. 12. How do we get better at this?
  13. 13. Remember the pain
  14. 14. Remember the pain •  Sign up as a new user each month •  Every new employee signs up and keeps notes on what sucks •  User test the signup regularly (in- person or virtual)
  15. 15. Verify the value
  16. 16. Verify the value •  “How would you recommend our product?” •  “What did you come here today to do?” •  Watch customers on “value prop” screens
  17. 17. Give good directions
  18. 18. Give good directions •  Set expectations up-front •  Write good copy (HIRE SOMEONE) •  One clear call-to-action
  19. 19. Be a human
  20. 20. Be a human •  Be opinionated about best way to proceed •  Cheerlead along the way •  Offer help when someone is stuck •  Remind customers why they’re here
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Credits to Noun Project Artists http://thenounproject.com/arslan.s http://thenounproject.com/liliane.lasserbe http://thenounproject.com/alexzabbey http://thenounproject.com/teekay http://thenounproject.com/aenneb http://thenounproject.com/arjunadamson http://thenounproject.com/arielkotzer http://thenounproject.com/edward http://thenounproject.com/bravo http://thenounproject.com/adamatmullin http://thenounproject.com/tina.abihachem http://thenounproject.com/AaronDodson http://thenounproject.com/karsten.barnett.9 http://thenounproject.com/Simon%20Child http://thenounproject.com/useiconic.com http://thenounproject.com/jakobvogel/ http://thenounproject.com/warpaintmedia/