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Updated Candidate Brief

  1. Candidate Information Contents: • About SThree • The recruitment industry • Why work for us? • Learning & Development • SThree Values • Contact details 1
  2. About SThree SThree is a major international recruitment organisation currently comprised of 16 different operating divisions. Growing from a small start-up company in 1986 the group now employs well over 1800 people. A truly international business, SThree's operations span 4 continents, 12 countries, and 29 cities. In 2009 we opened 12 new offices across the globe, in 2010 we established our first office in India and two new offices in Houston & San Francisco. In 2011 we’re venturing into Brazil Qatar & Zurich. Our niche recruitment areas: • Accountancy & Finance • Legal • Banking • Mining • Energy • Oil & Gas • Engineering • Pharmaceuticals • Global Markets • Public Sector • Healthcare • Sales & Marketing • Human Resources • Supply chain • IT • Telecommunications 2
  3. The Recruitment Industry • Recruitment is an international industry that offers exciting career opportunities and high earning potential. Many of the major recruitment companies are now publicly listed and the industry is one of the fastest growing and most aspirational business sectors within the global economy. • The world-wide recruitment market value in 2011 is estimated to be over £500 billion and is forecasted to rise considerably over the next few years. • Throughout this booklet we hope to comprehensively explain what a fantastic career opportunity recruitment can be. • Recruitment can sometimes be mistaken as an HR function, but instead it is more of a sales focussed role. • In simple terms, the role of the Recruitment Consultant focuses on building and nurturing relationships to ensure that the right people, with the right skills are placed with the right client. 3
  4. The client approach • Client meetings and business development • Network through clients and expand contact lists by cold calling & developing new relationships and inturn, new business. • Actively canvas clients through cold and warm calling, selling SThree's recruitment services • Managing your own time, organising your day to maximise your productivity The candidate approach • Headhunting candidates • Asking for referrals • Writing adverts to attract new talent on job boards • Searching on our £5 Million bespoke international sales database • Qualifying and pre-screening CVs for the suitability of a particular role (a telephone based interview) 4
  5. Why work for us? A career with SThree offers you a wealth of benefits, including: • An uncapped commission scheme which provides very high earning potential • Rapid global career progression (starting from a “Trainee” position up to a “Manager” level) • Unrivalled training and development sessions (Including on the job training, e-learning, classroom sessions, coaching, mentoring & self learning) • Lunch clubs in exclusive luxury restaurants • Company weekends away have included Ibiza, Las Vegas, Miami, Italy, Barcelona & Phuket • Company car scheme.* • Friendly, approachable teams where hard work and effort amounts to success, money and career progression *In selected regions only, cash allowance alternative 5
  6. Learning & Development • From the first day of employment and throughout your career, you are supported with an individual development plan • We offer a ‘blended’ approach to training consisting of: on the job training, e-learning, classroom sessions, coaching, mentoring & self learning • SThree delivers one of the best training programmes in the industry to help shape your career progression • We have training centres in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Training and development activities are delivered locally to support your individual needs • Our philosophy is to develop future leaders of tomorrow, with many of our Senior Managers starting their career as a Trainee Consultant Our learning and development programmes have been independently recognised by a number of associations including: 6
  7. SThree Values Why and how we live by our values? In 2010 SThree redefined its ambition, and rolled out a values programme designed to achieve it. The programme will systematically embed the values into every aspect of the business. The successful implementation of the values will help the Group attract, and keep, high quality candidates like you. And it will drive high performance across both front and back office. Our ambition is to be the most respected and highly valued international, specialised staffing services business. How does this benefit you? • We are an investor in people so we recognise and develop talent within our business and posses a culture that enables you to reach your goals What are our values? • Energy, Respect, Rapport, Reward What do we do with them? • Incorporate the values into everything we do. For example, building rapport with a new client and showing respect for their time, whilst demonstrating positive energy and working towards the reward. 7
  8. Testimonials ” My role at SThree goes way beyond anything the average graduate job could offer me. From day one you are given the freedom and responsibility to manage your own business, your own clients and your success is truly in your own hands.” “ My manager is very supportive. His structure to teaching is focused. If I have a problem or a situation arises, we analyse it and find a solution together. It enables me to think about it rather than always rely on others therefore benefiting my learning.” “ There really are so many things I like about SThree; I work for an organisation that I believe in and feel valued by, I work with super-smart, savvy, committed and passionate individuals, and the environment is a meritocracy which ensures I am judged on my performance rather than internal politics. But probably what I like BEST about my job is the fact that I get to put into practice the things I learn and try new things on a regular basis. For me it just doesn’t get any better than this” 8
  9. To be successful at SThree, candidates must be / must have: More tips to help you….. • Research: We’ve included in this document some company information to help you prepare for your interview. However, you may find that digging a little deeper also boosts your confidence at the interview. • Dress code: As representatives of our company we expect our employees to take pride in their appearance and this is a trait that we would like you to reflect when you come for an interview. • Think about the job: Now that you know a bit more about the job and what it involves, please take time to think about what you are really looking for and why you would be the perfect candidate for this role. Please also feel free to prepare some questions that you would like to ask. 9
  10. Contacts David Flower Email: Helger Wiese Email: Brett Connell Email: Tel: +16465577130 Tel: +44 (0) 20 - 7851 - 7850 Rose Mengi Regine Stamm Email: Email: Tel: +61 (0) 292851009 Tel: +49 (0) 89 242939893 Cindi Wirawan Amandine Reitz Email: Email: Tel: +6565915640 Tel: +33 (0) 142998337 Cindi Wirawan Vanessa Englebert Email: Email: Tel: +6565915640 Tel: +32 (0) 2 557 71 10 David Flower Marco Achterberg Email: Email: Brett Connell Tel: +31 (0) 205305844 Email: Tel: +44 (0) 20 - 7851 - 7850 Cindi Wirawan Email: Tel: +6565915640 10