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Ciklum seminar enterprise agility - yuri lapin - ciklum

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Is “SAFe” going to save us all?

Yuri Lapin, Head of Insightful Consulting , Ciklum

Latest Gartner analytics shows that Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is getting an immense traction in Enterprises becoming de-facto an industry standard for Enterprise Agility. The presentation is aimed to understand the key denominators for this move, challenge officially recommend approach for SAFe implementation and provide few alternative solutions based on practical experience. The presentation will follow with panel discussion of Seminar Presenters about SAFe future in Enterprises.

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Ciklum seminar enterprise agility - yuri lapin - ciklum

  1. 1. ENTERPRISE AGILITY IS “SAFe” GOING TO SAVE US ALL? Yuri Lapin, Head of Ciklum Consulting Zurich, June 24, 2014
  2. 2. 2 * SAFe forces the pace
  3. 3. 3 * Key facts 1. Scaled Agile, Inc. Wins 2014 Red Herring North America Top 100 Award. 2. Scaled Agile Academy is performing classes almost every week. Around 140 people get SPC certification every month worldwide. 3. Global leaders are showing interest to SAFe and/or reporting successful implementation. Below are some evidences for growing SAFe awareness and adoption Worldwide, Europe and Switzerland specifically:
  4. 4. 5 * <a href="javascript:void(0)">Enterprise Agility</a>
  5. 5. 6 * Agile @ Scale Frameworks 1. Large-scale Scrum by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde 2. Disciplined Agile Delivery by Scott Ambler 3. “Kanban Method” by David Anderson 4. Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds by Henrik Kniberg A number of frameworks have been developed to address challenges of Enterprise Agility
  6. 6. 7 * SAFe by Dean Leffingwell Denominators 1. Governance and alignment 2. Program execution 3. Architecture runway The following are key denominators for SAFe successful adoption in Enterprise:
  7. 7. 8 * Governance and alignment Denominators 1. Content authority 2. Delivery authority 3. Alignment and synchronization
  8. 8. 9 * Program execution Denominators
  9. 9. 10 * Architecture runway Denominators
  11. 11. 12 * SCRUM – lessons learned? Illusion created by Scrum Alliance 1. a Scrum Master 2. regular Daily meetings 3. probably Product Owner There is a perception that in order to do SCRUM you need
  12. 12. 13 * SAFe – new lesson? Illusion created by Scaled Agile Academy 1. get SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) 2. educate ALL 3. execute Program In order to become Agile at Enterprise all you need is
  13. 13. 14 * SAFe is a good tool!
  14. 14. 15 * If implementation is right