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Music video target audience

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Music video target audience

  1. 1. G324 Advanced Portfolio
  2. 2.  A music video should be entertaining and interesting as well as appealing to the target audience of the music genre.
  3. 3.  One of the most important aspects of marketing and producing is figuring out who your target audience is. Who would be interested in your music video?
  4. 4.  A demographic is a set of objective characteristics that describe a group of people. In your case, people who will be willing to listen to or watch your music video. Those characteristics include things like age, gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality, location, and sometimes education and lifestyle. The most important characteristic is age.
  5. 5.  Psychographic segmentation divides the market into groups based on social class, lifestyle and personality characteristics. One example of a life style classification model, is that developed by the advertising agency, Young & Rubican
  6. 6.  The Explorer: Driven by a need for discovery and/or challenge. The Aspirer: materialistic/ care more about what others think about The Succeeder: self confidence/ strong goal orientation/ organised The Reformer: Values their own independent judgement/ anti materialistic The Mainstream: Largest group/ core need is security/ live in a daily routine. The Struggler: Seek escape/live for today few plans for tomorrow The Resigned: Aim to survive/ predominantly older people. Use other handout for detailed explanation of all areas.
  7. 7.  In order to find this information you will need to conduct both primary and secondary research. Primary: Questionnaires, Surveys, Interviews, Vox pops etc Secondary: Internet, Magazines, books etc
  8. 8.  Before you discover your target audience you will need some information about your production. Answer the following questions first. What genre does the song belong to? What conventions of that genre are you going to use/challenge? Which record company would release your video? What representations are you going to include e.g. (independent woman image, stereotypical image of London, countertypical male character etc) How will you represent your artist? What type of video are you going to produce? (e.g. Narrative base) What channels would your video appear on? (e.g. MTV, MTV Two, AKA, 4Music etc)
  9. 9.  With the information you have collected about your production you can then begin to create questionnaires for the general public to establish your target audience.
  10. 10.  Example Questions for primary research What channels do you usually watch music videos? What is your favourite music genre? What would you expect to see in a XXX music video? What are your hobbies?
  11. 11.  Secondary Research examples Use the internet to find out what record companies other professional music videos have worked with. (within your genre) Use magazines to follow the image of your artist. (does it match what you see in their videos?) YouTube: check out info about what type of people like and dislike music videos within your genre.
  12. 12.  Once you have collected both secondary and primary research you will need to analyse your research and answer the main questions.1.who would be your main target audience?2. how is your video going to appeal to your target audience?You would do this through illustrating all your findings on a PPT.
  13. 13.  Within your PPT please include all information from step one, step two and step three. For your primary research you can take pictures of the methods you have used e.g. Survey and add to your research PPT.