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2219 finalised ppt

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2219 finalised ppt

  1. 1. Spectra PR For the issue: Costa Concordia 2012
  2. 2. MembersCharmaine Chan Amanda Soh Alicia Chua Anand Daniel
  3. 3. Costa Cruises
  4. 4. Costa Cruises: Vacation Cruises• Base: Genoa, Italy• Parent Company: Carnival PLC (NYSE & LSE)• 14 Italian Registered Cruise ships• Operates cruises in the mediterranean, Northern Europe, The Carribbean, The Indian Ocean, the Middle East and South America
  5. 5. The Incident• 13th January 2012• Costa Concordia,• Hit a reef off Giglio Island, now partially sunk.• Aboard: 3206 passengers and 1023 crew members• Cause: The captain piloted the vessel within 200 yards of the coast, as part of a tradition known as ‚Saluting‛
  6. 6. The Incident
  7. 7. Impact• 30 dead• 64 injured• Share prices fall 0.86%• Pollutants aboard the vessel a looming threat to environment o Threat to marine life, fishing, tourism
  8. 8. Complications: Media Blitz• Accident caused by questionable tradition of ‘saluting’• Captain abandoned vessel before ensuring that all passengers evacuated• Evacuation was not orchestrated properly, crew were not trained• Passengers who made it to shore of Giglio were not attended to or cared for appropriately• Class action lawsuit filed against Carnival by Codacons (USD 160, 000 for 70 passengers)
  9. 9. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES• Strong financial reserves - Carnival • No crisis management system• Good track record • Lack of checks and balances across• Strong ties with Italian government operations• Leader in industry • Lack of control mechanism for sailing cruise ships OPPORTUNITIES THREATS• PR advice: Burson Marsteller • Environmental activists rallying• Extensive traditional / social media against Costa outlets available • Class action lawsuit (Codacons)• Partnership with Italian • Extensive press coverage of government for CSR efforts controversies (negative publicity)
  10. 10. SWOT PairingsO-T Engage Burston-Marstellar to manage matters pertaining to compensation and lawsuitS-T Work alongside Italian government to restore Giglio’s environment and address concerns from environmental activistsT-O Collaborate with the Italian government to safeguard livelihood of Giglio Citizens and curb further bad pressS-W Utilise funds to reform safety procedures in CostaW-S Replace lack of checks and balances with improved accountability standards in CostaW-O Broadcast new protocol implementations (safety and environment) on social media
  11. 11. Problem Statement On January 13, 2012, Costa Concordia sank off the coast of Giglio Island.The chemicals (2300 gallons of fuel, 200 tons of diesel and other toxins) aboard the wreckage threaten to pollute the marine environment of Giglio Island, thereby affecting tourism and fishing. The incident has negatively influenced consumeropinion by 70.8% regarding the safety standards of Costa Cruises.
  12. 12. Costa’s Values• Vision: Exceeding customers’ expectations during whole vacation• Mission: Make guests satisfied and repeat experience with them, serve with ownership, enthusiasm and pride• Ethics: Full respect for safety and environmental protection
  13. 13. Organisational StandCosta promises:• The full restoration of the coastline and the tourism industry of Giglio Island,• Complete compensation for all passengers who were aboard Costa Concordia as well as the families who lost loved ones• To ensure world-class safety standards for all passengers.
  14. 14. People of Future Giglio Customers Island Victims Stock- Publics and theirholders Affected Families The Environment International Activists Media
  15. 15. Our Target Publics People of FutureGiglio Island Customers
  16. 16. People of Future Giglio Customers Island Our Victims Stock- Target and theirholders Publics Families The Environment International Activists Media
  17. 17. Our Target Publics The People of Giglio Island Future Customers of Costa CruisesDefined as: Defined as:• Italians residing on Island of Giglio • American cruise-goers• 3 villages, 27km of coastline • English-speaking• The Tuscan Province of Grosseto • Median age of 40-59• Livelihoods: • With min annual household income Fishing and tourism (diving) of USD 90 KMain concern: Main concern:The environment of Giglio Island and Poor safety standards andhence their livelihoods accountability of Costa
  18. 18. Target Public: People of Giglio IslandGoal To protect the environment of Giglio Island and the livelihood of its residentsObjectives 1. To raise American and Italian tourists’ awareness of clean-up and containment efforts at Giglio to 90% by 1st May 2012 2. To ensure continuity of the livelihoods of the people, restore Giglio Island’s summer tourism numbers from 100 per week to 250 per week within 12 to 18 months
  19. 19. People of Giglio Island Behaviour Knowledge To ensure the To increase livelihoods of the American and people by Italian tourists’ awareness of the Attitude restoring Giglio Island’s summer clean-up and tourism numbers containment from 100 per week efforts at Giglio to 250 per weekto 90% by 1st May within 12 to 18 2012 months
  20. 20. Restoring Giglio Island: Pairings  Action StrategiesS-T Tap on strong financial Strategy 1: reserves to fund measures to protect Implement steps to restore the Giglio’s environment coast of Giglio and establish long and address term sustainability measures to environmental preserve its coastal environment activists’ concerns, in partnership with Giglio government.T-O Consolidate the Strategy 2: negative reporting in the international press Partner the Giglio government in regarding Giglio’s a tourism campaign landscape and partner the Italian government to address it.
  21. 21. Restoring Giglio Island Strategy 1: Tactics:Take steps to restore thecoast of Giglio 1. Engage SMIT Salvage to protect the coastEstablish long termsustainability measuresto preserve its coastal 2. Costa Concordiaenvironment Memorial Foundation
  22. 22. Restoring Giglio Island Tactics: Strategy 2: 1. Italian tourist campaignPartner the Giglio 2. North Americangovernment in a tourist campaigntourism campaign Both to show Giglio as an ideal diving and fishing destination
  23. 23. Target Public: Future CustomersGoal To improve potential customers’ opinion of Costa Cruises’ safety and accountability protocolObjectives 1. To increase American tourists’ knowledge and awareness of the new and improved safety and security protocol at Costa Cruises to 90% by 1st April 2013; 1. To raise American travellers’ positive opinion of Costa Cruises’ safety to 60% by 1st April 2013
  24. 24. Future Customers Knowledge Attitude To increase American tourists’ knowledge and To raise potentialawareness of the new and American travellers’ improved safety and positive opinion of Costasecurity protocol at Costa Cruises’ safety to 60% byCruises to 90% by 1st April 1st April 2013 2013;
  25. 25. Ensuring Safety: Pairings  StrategiesS-W Use available funds Strategy 1: to reform all safety procedures in Costa To overhaul the safety and Cruises’ ships security protocol of Costa CruisesW-S Transform current Strategy 2: lack of checks and balances into Increase the accountability accountability as of all crew members part of Costa Cruises’ reputation
  26. 26. Future Customers Tactic: Strategy 1: Hire ‚The NexusOverhaul safety Consulting Group ofand security Alexandria‛ toprotocol of Costa overhaul safety,Cruises security and accountability protocol
  27. 27. Future Customers Tactics: 1. All course deviations to be ratified by First Mate Strategy 2: and on-shore duty personnelIncrease theaccountability of allcrew 2. Two staff members (on land) on 24-hour duty, to maintain constant contact with all Costa vessels at sea
  28. 28. Communication StrategiesW-O Constantly • Knowledge Objectives for : broadcast o The people of Giglio changes to o Future customers of Costa safety and Cruises (American) security protocol on traditional and • Three media channels: social media o Traditional media: Press platforms o Owned media: Weblog o Social media
  29. 29. Communication Strategies Presso Managed by media specialist teamo Send out fortnightly press releases • Updates on new safety protocol / measures • Updates on coastal restorationo Reach: 20 most influential news agencies
  30. 30. Communication Strategies Weblog• More personal• Purpose: Offer timely updates on new measures• Include interactive elements• In English & Italian• Target readership: o Concordia passengers o Potential customers o Environmental watch groups o Giglio residents o Tourists
  31. 31. Communication Strategies Social Media• Facebook: o Costa Cruises – 18, 000 ‘fans’ o Carnival Cruise Line – 1.6 million ‘fans’• Twitter o Costa Cruises – 1, 500 ‘followers’ o Carnival Cruise Line – 52, 000 ‘followers’• Link updates to Facebook and Twitter accounts• Fast, efficient dissemination
  32. 32. Evaluation of Environment/Tourism in GiglioKnowledge Objective: Behavioural Objective:Awareness of pollution Change in behaviour ofcontainment and clean-up touristsof Giglio coastline o Compare stats of summer o Hit counter on weblog 2011 with summer 2013 (165, 000 unique hits) o Number of tourists visiting Giglio o Shares / Likes / Retweets o Number of dive trips on Social Media (40%) organized o Total revenue of Giglio – owned businesses
  33. 33. Evaluation ofCosta Cruises’ Safety and Accountability• To evaluate the American tourists’ knowledge of new safety protocol: o Quantitative Method – SurveysPlatforms Tour agencies Target Timeline• Cruisecritic.com Under the • Americans 12 months after• Tripadvisor.com American Society booking campaign is• Cruisesonly.com for Travel Agents cruises implemented (ASTA) • Age 40-59 (mean demographic)
  34. 34. Evaluation of Costa Cruises’ Safety and Accountability• To evaluate the American tourists’ knowledge of new safety protocol: o Quantitative Method – Surveys• To evaluate the attitude and impressions of potential customers o Qualitative Method – Focus Groups• Monitoring sales figures o Compare cruise bookings of Costa Cruises in 2013 with 2011
  35. 35. Thank YouFor Your Attention!