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Parenting Wishes - Hopes and Dreams for my Kids' Schooling

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TEDx Presentation given on May 11, 2013 at the Kay Meek Theatre in West Vancouver.

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Parenting Wishes - Hopes and Dreams for my Kids' Schooling

  1. 1. ParentingWishesHopes and Dreams for My Kids’ SchoolingTEDxWestVancouver EDMay 11, 2013CHRISKENNEDYSuperintendent,WestVancouverSchool District
  2. 2. This is a story . . . of what I want schooling tolook like
  3. 3. We all wear many hats
  4. 4. Hopes and Dreams not just for my kids, oryour kids, but for all kids
  5. 5. TransformationInquiryPersonalizationSOMETHING MORECONCRETE
  6. 6. Connected to their teacher, class andlearning
  7. 7. Homework must have a purpose
  8. 8. Let the LEARNING be the prize
  9. 9. SPACE
  10. 10. Be very careful with busy work
  11. 11. We need to delay the ranking and sorting andfocus on the LEARNING
  12. 12. Take good care of them and be MEMORABLE
  13. 13. We are in the midst of a TRANSFORMATION
  14. 14. My Kids,Your Kids, All Kids