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Flint Dille @ Transmedia Victoria

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"Conceiving Transmedia Franchises" was presented at www.TransmediaVictoria.net.au, Jan 27th 2011

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Flint Dille @ Transmedia Victoria

  1. 1. True Transmedia True Transmedia is the ability to share a world and tell endless stories across mediums: movies, television, books, games, songs and on and on forever. What does your franchise need to have to find an audience, hook them and grow?
  2. 2. Franchise Everybody has a different definition.For the purposes of this conversation it is: An intellectual property that contains unique, characters, settings, problems, story conventions, logos, tag lines and artistic expressions which lend itself to adaptation to other media, mediums, iterations, sequels, prequels and spin-offs.Yes… We could easily spend the entire day noodling this definition.
  3. 3. Weak Franchise All the characters die. The world ends. Nothing is left unsaid. There is nothing game-able in it.Citizen Kane is a weak Franchise. Great movie, but where do we go from there?
  4. 4. Where do they Come From? Star Wars, Iron Man, Harry Potter, Transformers and Star Trek are major examples. They came from a movie, a comic book, a novel series a toy line and a T.V. Show respectively. The point is that they can come from anywhere. And as transmedia expands, they will come from everywhere
  5. 5. The BasicsA Hero.Home… A BatcaveA Vehicle… An Aston Martin DB-5Friends and Allies… An Obi Wan is good.Enemies: Any superhero is only as good as his Rogues Gallery.Iconic Gadgets: Even medieval writers knew to put in Excalibur.A Unique World: Victorian London… A Galaxy Far away.
  6. 6. Franchise: Greek Gods
  7. 7. The Hero: Zeus
  8. 8. Family OfCharacters
  9. 9. Enemies: Croesus (AKA SATURN)
  10. 10. Home: Mt. Olympus
  11. 11. Weapons And Tools
  12. 12. Love Interest(s)
  13. 13. The World of Characters Good Neutral EvilLawfulNeutralChaotic
  14. 14. Di anaThen Now
  15. 15. He rmes/Merc ur y / Fl a s hThen Now
  16. 16. All These Characters Have Their Own Lives: But Work Together as a MetaFranchise
  17. 17. And You Need A World
  18. 18. Franchise In the Background
  19. 19. Knock-Off Franchises: The Norse Gods
  20. 20. Needs for Different Mediums: • Toys: 5 Heroes, 5 Villains, Two Vehicles and a Play set. • Comics: A hero, a problem, a visually exciting world complete with a ‘villain engine’. • Movie: Heroes and Villains in conflict in a visually interesting world. • Games: A ‘World’ that lends itself to shooting, navigation and gunplay. • Books: A world of both inner and outer conflict. • TV: A ‘family’ of characters in an ‘agency.’
  21. 21. The Trick is That You CanStart Anywhere Any Medium. Any Part of the Process Base it on your resources and your skills.
  22. 22. You can startwith a franchisebible or a short story. Any piece will do.
  23. 23. Just keep building: Afranchise never ends a world isn’t built in a day..
  24. 24. Always Build the World• Sequels • Untold Stories: How Han Solo• Prequels dumped his cargo.• Spin-Offs: Sub- • Parallel Universe: Character stories “What if?” • “In World Products”
  25. 25. You neverknow whichmedium will take off.
  26. 26. Eventually, you will want tocollaborate. A TransmediaFranchise is a communal medium.
  27. 27. The Bible• Eventually, you will want to build a bible. • Concept • World/Genre • Pilot • Character Bios • Springboards• Your Bible isn’t Holy. Let people play with it.
  28. 28. Repetition: Franchise CuesThe longest functioning movie franchise in the world – James Bond – has over a hundred: “Shaken, not stirred.” Aston Martin Tuxedo “Bond, James Bond”People like to see the same thing over and over and over.Know your essential franchise cues and play them over and over.People love repetition as much as they hate change.That’s the dynamic.
  29. 29. Feed Your Franchise Like A Fire
  30. 30. Franchises Take Your Resources• Your time, your treasure, your talents.• Your network’s time, talent and treasures. Sooner or later, you are going to have to open your franchise to collaborators.• Leave the door open for your fans to contribute.• Be aware of legal issues.• Beware of ‘The Golden Rule’. He who has the gold rules. The more you give away, the less control you have.
  31. 31. Go do it! Every • Every Franchise starts Franchise somewhere. StartsSomewhere