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Serverless architecture with Azure

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The slides from my DevExperience talk on the Azure Serverless platform including Functions, LogicApps and EventGrid

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Serverless architecture with Azure

  1. 1. Serverless Architecture with Azure Christos Matskas
  2. 2. All things Azure & Software Development Building cool stuff with serverless Open Source Advocate Twitter: @christosmatskas Blog: https://cmatskas.com @christosmatskas Senior Azure Developer PFE @ MicrosoftSenior Product Marketing Manager @ Microsoft
  3. 3. PaaSIaaSOn-Premises The evolution of application platforms Serverless @christosmatskas
  4. 4. Event-driven/ instant scale Micro-billingAbstraction of servers What is Serverless? @christosmatskas
  5. 5. Benefits of Serverless Reduced DevOps Manage apps, not servers Faster time to market @christosmatskas
  6. 6. Serverless platform components PlatformDevelopment Local Development Monitoring Integrated DevOps Visual Debug History IDE support</>
  7. 7. Demo Using Functions in the Azure Portal
  8. 8. Running Functions Pay only for what you use! Metering is per execution and per GB Second. Your own dedicated cloud environment with network isolation for apps, higher scale, and the ability to connect securely to local vNets. All the advantages of Functions with the SLA and ‘always on’ features of an App Service Plan.
  9. 9. Embracing new scenarios Totally portable Run on Functions on Linux with our containers, BYOC, Use Kubernetes or Service Fabric Leverage cloud innovations in on-premises infrastructure. Azure Stack brings the power of Azure to your own data centers. Run your Azure Functions on your local server (without the rest of Azure)
  10. 10. @christosmatskas
  11. 11. Triggers and Bindings
  12. 12. More bindings Built-in EnterpriseOn-premise Over 190 LogicApp connectors and ever expanding EventGrid events @christosmatskas
  13. 13. Azure Functions Bindings Extensibility Goodbye SDKs, hello bindings!! @christosmatskas
  14. 14. Deployment and management isolation Customers Products Orders API calls customers.azurewebsites.net products.azurewebsites.net orders.azurewebsites.net @christosmatskas
  15. 15. Function app A /customers Function app B /products Function app C Function3/orders Function1 API proxy endpoints HttpTrigger function endpoints Key: /products /orders Function2 @christosmatskas
  16. 16. Serverless APIs Proxies Security (EasyAuth) OpenAPI (Swagger) CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) Flow & PowerApps integration API Management @christosmatskas
  17. 17. Function app A /time Function1 / /movies
  18. 18. Tools Windows MacOS Linux Portal (with Kudu) Visual Studio Visual Studio Mac Visual Studio Code Function Core Tools @christosmatskas
  19. 19. App Insights VS, VS Mac, VS Code Azure Functions Core Tools VSTS, Maven, Kudu GitHub, BitBucket, Jenkins
  20. 20. Monitoring with Application Insights Monitor What is my app doing? Alert Is my app unhealthy? Diagnose Why is it unhealthy? Learn What was my app doing?
  21. 21. Azure Functions is an Open Source project https://github.com/Azure/Azure-Functions Azure WebJobs SDK script the Azure Functions runtime Azure WebJobs SDK the "core" of the Azure Functions runtime and many bindings Azure WebJobs SDK extensions the repositories of many bindings Azure Functions CLI the command line tool for Azure Functions Azure Functions Portal the UX for the Functions development portal Azure Functions templates the templates which show up the Azure Functions portal Azure Functions samples repository for some samples on how the runtime works