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Managing environment changes at any phase of life.

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  1. 1. TRANSITIONS: CHANGE IS INEVITABLE & NECESSARY FOR GROWTH "freshmen year of high school, freshmen year of college, freshman year of life..."
  2. 2. TRUST  Trust the process (you will make it!)
  3. 3. RESEARCH  Research (why is this environment different?)
  4. 4. ASK  Ask questions! (find a mentor & self mentor.)
  5. 5. NICE  Nice (go with a positive attitude.)
  6. 6. STRESS  Stress relief (solo: diet/exercise, quiet time.)
  7. 7. INTUITION  Intuition (trust your gut.)
  8. 8. TAKE  Take calculated risks. (experience is needed, gain exposure, open your mind, learn.)
  9. 9. INVESTIGATE  Investigate (how have others succeeded?)
  10. 10. OPINIONS  Opinions (everyone's are different... what are yours?! ... especially on the hard topics.)  Which ones will you share? Which ones will you keep private?
  11. 11. NETWORKING/ NAMES  Networking/Names (know the key players)  Join organization & like minded groups
  12. 12. SERVICE  Service (by helping others, you help yourself…  BUT do not only help others for self fulfillment because that is selfish.)
  13. 13. SMART GOALS S: Specific M: Measureable A: Attainable R: Relevant T: Time bound
  14. 14. MANAGING COMPLEX CHANGE vision + skills + incentives + resources + action plan= CHANGE
  15. 15. MANAGING COMPLEX CHANGE IDENTIFY:  Vision  Skills  Incentives  Recourses  Action plan
  16. 16. IMPORTANT QUESTIONS…  What do YOU want?  What do OTHERS want?  How to stay CONSISTENT?  It’s okay to let GO!  Practice saying NO!  What do you want to LOOK like and why?  What would remain the same weather you had zero or a million dollars?  What would remain the same whether you were alone or with a million people?  Budget (what is important and how much does it cost?)
  17. 17. STAY FLEXIBLE.