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GetintheLoop National Program 2019

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Now multi-location brands can distribute local offers, events and experiences right to the smartphones of nearby shoppers - all from one platform. Meet GetintheLoop. www.getintheloop.ca

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GetintheLoop National Program 2019

  1. 1. W e C o n n e c t B u s i n e s s e s t o C a n a d i a n s T h r o u g h L o c a l O f f e r s a n d E x p e r i e n c e s
  2. 2. GetintheLoop is Canada’s leading SaaS local offers platform; capable of collecting, creating, managing and distributing your brand’s offers, events, and experiences right to the smartphones of Canadian shoppers.
  3. 3. SaaS - Brands or local managers create and post their own offers at a National level, or custom per location Measurement - Business dashboard helps you understand reach, responses and actions taken with demographic insights Real-time ability to change & publish offers and experiences based on weather, time of day, inventory, and other scenarios. Receive offers on phone ( push, app, e-mail) Simply discover based on category, map, or preferences Get access to Exclusive and Limited Use Offers Discover, show up, save and explore A platform built to make offer distribution & local marketing easy for bricks and mortar businesses A Better Way To Create & Distribute Local Offers Businesses Consumers
  4. 4. A simple way for consumers to access great offers, experiences and information from businesses around them. What, when, where and how they want to receive offers & experiences + social sharing. Location-based offers view, access to a real time map to make discovery simple and efficient. Push notifications and daily email. Great offers and experiences how members want to receive them and based on their interests. Free to use, no printing coupons, no refunds, removing all customer friction RECOMMENDATIONS LOCATION & CONVENIENCE NO PRE-BUYING FULL CONTROL The Consumer Experience
  5. 5. A Platform built to enable businesses to engage, attract, grow and retain their customers Total control of dynamic offers. Each business can operate the system 100% on their own or our team will work with them to promote offers and attract customers Support Centre. Our support team provides image, content and best practice support on creating offers and getting the most out of the platform Measurable Results Access real time customer data and feedback on offers including demographic and location insights. Target customers segments with a variety of offers and learn from our marketing centre. Platform Business Dashboard
  6. 6. Our Growth Model 1. Live in 40+ Markets 2. Expanding into 5 new markets every 8 weeks 3. Local representation in every market with www.getinthelooplocal.com 4. Adding API & SDK audience integrations to expand reach Canada’s fastest growing Offers Platform is now coast to coast
  7. 7. SIGN UP LOCAL FAVOURITE HOT SPOTS Our Local owners sign up a variety businesses in their area and help them attract and retain customers using GetintheLoop BUILDING A LOCAL USER BASE We work together with our Local owners to grow and engage a local mobile audience on the GetintheLoop Apps EVENTS & ACTIVATIONS Our Local Owners attend networking events, host parties at local businesses and perform activation activities to grow users. Our Franchisee’s help catalyze a local market place by signing up everyone’s local favourite businesses and growing a user base - enabling your national brands to feel and act more local. LOCALS SUPPORTING LOCALS Local business owners want to invest their marketing and advertising dollars in other local business owners. GetintheLoop Local is a perfect match Local Is What We Do
  8. 8. Multi-location brands and shopping centres are using the GetintheLoop Platform to make offers management easier Used By Over 100 National Brands At GetintheLoop, our team focuses on building a better way to connect local businesses with on the go consumers. Our goal is simple; make it easier for businesses to market themselves authentically and effectively - at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.
  9. 9. We solve offer management problems that have plagued multi-location brands forever. Offer Management Solutions Traditional Offer Management Challenges 1. HQ oversight over regional offer quality 2. Measurement of offer performance (full funnel) 3. Ensuring brand guidelines and rules are followed 4. Regionalizing offers to build a ‘Local Voice’ 5. Reaching the modern consumer 6. Reduction of reach with traditional distribution 7. Scaling local support 1. Centralized interface to view, manage & edit each locations offers 2. Full analytics suite with per offer reach, response & actions 3. Ability to centrally manage & monitor all offers 4. Customize location offers based on inventory, local events etc. 5. Offers are distributed to members who opt-in for offers in their market, via our smartphone app + daily email 6. Our member base is growing daily across new markets 7. Our platform reduces the need for time and resources to manage promotions and offers
  10. 10. Why Partner With Us? A Proven Business Model and Product (Founded 2014) • Growth Strategy in Place - Combining innovative SaaS franchise business model with integration (API) capabilities ready to launch. • Highly Skilled Leadership Team - A team of experienced media executives, entrepreneurs and advisors with experience in rapid growth, marketing, brand, technology and execution. • Strong barriers to entry - Scaling down into local marketplaces is challenging and expensive. Our ability to expand rapidly with a large local sales team will keep competitors at bay • Data Collection & Monetization opportunity - Our products are built off our agile platform allowing us to capture extensive consumer data to deliver the best customer experience possible. • A Better Way - Print and radio are entering a strong decline and physical distribution of flyers is wasteful and isn’t hitting today’s modern customer. Chris Pinkerton, President & COO chris.pinkerton@getintheloop.ca Matt Crowell, Founder & CEO matt.crowell@getintheloop.ca Nick Fane, VP Local Operations nick.fane@getintheloop.ca Contact Us