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Teksavers - Best Place to Buy Used Cisco Router

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Teksavers has developed a service portfolio to meet the changing technology needs of the customers.

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Teksavers - Best Place to Buy Used Cisco Router

  1. 1. Teksavers - Best Place to Buy Used Cisco Router
  2. 2. Who We Are ? Teksavers was founded on an entrepreneurial principle and that “principle” is woven into the fabric of our Teksavers culture, our Teksavers Leadership, and our Teksavers family. Teksavers’ founding members, much like the men who built our country, are not driven by a “business as usual” concept, but rather by one of cultural change. Teksavers knows that to be “Entrepreneurial”, we MUST be innovative, strategic, and competitive!
  3. 3. Used Cisco Equipment  Teksavers is a reputed buyer and seller of Cisco equipment with strong business ethics and knowledge base.  They hold expertise in the design, development, implementation, and growth of IT infrastructure.  With their offices in the USA and Singapore, they have served thousands of customers in the market. They help the businesses to use cutting edge, innovative, and robust technology.
  4. 4.  They sell Cisco networking equipment for small offices including ASR 1000 series, ISR 4000 series and Cisco 800 series routers.  They offer multiple products such as cables, telephony/VOIP, laptops, router modules, switch modules, security, rackmounts, power supplies, tranceivers/GBIC, wireless, routers (fixed) and routers (configurable).  All these products are under a warranty period as determined by the sales representatives. Sell Cisco Networking Equipment
  5. 5.  Apart from selling, the company also buys used IT equipment of different brands. These brands include Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Cisco, Dell, Brocade and more.  They purchase the products after testing them through the S.A.F.E. Guard program. It ensures that the product is safe to buy and is the best alternative in place of high- priced brand items.  They buy different models of used Cisco router and further sell them to the customers at hard-to-find prices. The Cisco 800 series routers provide services including enterprise grade security, built in WAN optimization, application visibility and control, cloud application connectivity, application visibility and control, and Cisco unified voice, video and data communications. Networking Hardware at Teksavers.com
  6. 6.  Teksavers has developed a service portfolio to meet the changing technology needs of the customers.  The services include a global spares program with 4hr SLA’s, NOC services with 24x7 network monitoring, turn-key staging and kitting. In addition, they provide picking, packing and shipping service on global level and CapEx recovery.  To buy used Cisco router, rely on Teksavers. They are well known in the market for reliable services, excellent quality products and affordable prices.  For more details about the products, feel free to browse through the official website http://www.teksavers.com Buy Used Cisco Routers
  7. 7. Get Address, Phone and Other Details for Teksavers Inc.
  8. 8. Contact Us: Address: U.S. CORPORATE OFFICE Teksavers, Inc. 2120 Grand Avenue Prkwy, Ste. 150 Austin, TX 78728 United States Phone: (866) 832-6188 http://www.teksavers.com
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