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Cyborg Manifesto

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Cyborg Manifesto

  1. 3. Mind/Body Animal/Human Organism/Machine Public/Private Nature/Culture Men/Women Primitive/Civilized Border war
  2. 4. Human/Animals Human/ Machines Natural/Artificial Border crossings
  3. 5. What is Haraway trying to get at? <ul><li>“It's not just that 'god' is dead; so is the 'goddess'”.
  4. 6. Call for socialist feminists to “not be afraid of joint kinship with animals and machines, not afraid of permanently partial identities and contradictory standpoints.” </li></ul>
  5. 7. Women of color as a cyborg category of affinity
  6. 8. “ I find MacKinnon's version of 'radical feminism' to be a caricature of the appropriating, incorporating, totalizing tendencies of Western theories of identity grounding action.&quot;
  7. 9. The informatics of domination Structural rearrangement of social relations of science and technology
  8. 10. Biotechnology and communication technologies as cryptography, as tools recrafting women's bodies and enforcing social relations for women.
  9. 11. Challenge S&T from within Integrated circuits Challenge S&T from within Integrated circuits “ Can these personal preferences and cultural tendencies be welded into progressive politics among this professional middle class in which women, including women of color, are coming to be fairly numerous?&quot;
  10. 12. “ Cyborg writing is about the power to survive...on the basis of seizing the tools to mark the world that marked them as other.” “ Literacy is a special mark of women of color...” “ Writing has a special significance for all colonized groups.”