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Global BHL Activities

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RBINS, Brussels, Belgium
30 Nov 2011

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Global BHL Activities

  1. 1. Global BHL ProgressContent Providers & Technical Review Brussels, Belgium 30 Nov 2011
  2. 2. New Logo!
  3. 3. https://bhl.wikispaces.com/Second-Global-BHL-Planning-Meeting Global BHL Meeting• Agreed: meeting in 2012 w/ admin & techGovernance policy v.1The goals of the gBHL are:• Digitize and aggregate as much biodiversity literature as funding and copyright law allows through the member programs and projects.• Maintain repositories for the indexing, storage, preservation and serving of this digital content.• Develop services to make this digital content widely and easily available.The principles of the gBHL are:• Open access. The digital content served by gBHL members is available without cost and can be reused by other projects and users with appropriate attribution.• Collaboration. Each gBHL member will actively coordinate its activities with other BHL partners to achieve agreed objectives.• Decentralization. Each gBHL member is self-governing and funded.• Interoperability. Each gBHL member will deploy technologies enabling sharing of digital content and services with other gBHL members.• Transparency. The processes of the gBHL will be transparent and clear to all members and the public.• Legality. The gBHL members will operate within their legal frameworks.
  4. 4. Life & Literature 14 – 15 Nov, 2011 Chicago, IL USAhttp://www.lifeandliterature.org
  5. 5. #LifeLitTweets
  6. 6. Breakout Sessions Common ThemesExpand Innovate•Art / Illustrations •Mobile•Contextualization (BLE) •OCR Correction•Articles •User engagement with annotations•Localization of serving •Gaming•Common name searching •More APIs •Computable dataMaintain Avoid•More content •Closed access•Engage users, get feedback •Charging for content •Growing too big, too fast •Losing brand, value
  7. 7. JRS Biodiversity FoundationSub-Saharan Africa Meeting
  8. 8. BHL-Africa• Enthusiasm to cooperate & collaborate• First time some had met each other in person – “I particularly enjoyed how the organisations& logos became people, with interests & expertise, working together.”• Next steps: – BHL wiki for communication – Share contact information including Skype – Mendeley group, inviting other librarians & BI professionals • Prioritization of titles to scan – F2F at SANBIF in Jan/Feb 2012 – Find ways for BHL to integrate into BI platforms & library catalogues in Africa • BiCYCL • BRAHMS • KE • Specify
  9. 9. BHL-China“More problems, more solutions, more integrations, more powerful, more global, more localization.” Dr. Xu, IB-CAS
  10. 10. BHL-China • Shared content • 890 volumes into BHL (& thus BHL-Europe), more on the wayhttp://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/36482330
  11. 11. BHL-Australia & -US Collaboration• BHL-Australia scanning in-country• UI harmonization following usability study – Report: https://bhl.wikispaces.com/2011+Usability+Tes t• Refine searching• Page-level annotations• Article-level rekey / Tables of Contents – With data sharing from Rod Page
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