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Securing, Governing, and Protecting Your Office 365 Investments

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Slides presented at SharePoint Conference on May 21, 2019

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Securing, Governing, and Protecting Your Office 365 Investments

  1. 1. Layered Approach Scenario Demonstration Wrap Up
  2. 2. Identity SSO MFA Groups RBAC/PIM Location Trusted Location? Conditional & Limited Access Device Managed? Domain Joined? AAD Joined? App/Service Outlook OneDrive Browser Content/Data DLP ATP AIP Visibility Secure Score Security Graph Compliance Center Threat Intelligence CASB SIEM
  3. 3. Members Files Notes Plans Calendar Site Connectors
  4. 4. Layered Approach Scenario Demonstration Wrap Up
  5. 5. Just In Time & Just Enough Access Groups/Sites Limited Access Visibility
  6. 6. Layered Approach Scenario Demonstration Wrap Up
  7. 7. Review Secure Score Targeted best practices and recommendations for your tenant Protect Privileged Accounts Consider just in time and just enough access Conditional and Limited Access Balance security, compliance, and usability requirements
  8. 8. Thank you
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