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5.1 Magnetic or Not.pptx

  2. Objects have magnetic property depending on its composition. There is a common misconception that magnets attract all metals, largely due to the ubiquity of steel in metal products. One method to test whether an object is magnetic or not is through the use of permanent magnet.
  3. Steel item Brass item Iron Item Aluminum Item Plastic Item Wood Item Small Magnet Other item that are conveniently found MATERIALS
  4. Gather the needed materials. Procedures
  5. List all the materials to be tested in the Table 1. Procedures
  6. Predict first if the materials you have is either magnetic or not magnetic based from its physical appearance. Write your prediction in Table 1 Procedures
  7. Now, try to test if the materials are magnetic or not by testing if they can be attracted to a permanent magnet. Procedures
  8. Upon completion of the tests, discuss the results as a whole class. Procedures
  9. Procedures Materials Magnetic or Non Magnetic Prediction Observation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  10. Which materials are attracted to magnet? Why? Guide Questions
  11. Which materials are not attracted to magnet? Why? Guide Questions
  12. What happens when you change your magnet with an electromagnet? Will the magnetic property of the material change? Why? Guide Questions