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クラウドサービス Microsoft Azure 基本

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アメリカで開催された技術カンファレンス Microsoft Ignite 2019 で実際にデリバーされた Azure 基礎編のセッションを日本語化してお届けします

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クラウドサービス Microsoft Azure 基本

  1. 1. 今日お話しすること
  2. 2. 発表当日の様子
  3. 3. 発表当日の様子
  4. 4. Microsoft Azure 入門 Discovering Microsoft Azure (セッションID: AFUN10)
  5. 5. 千代田まどか • ニックネーム「ちょまど」 • 新卒で入った(日本の)会社を 3ヶ月で退職 • その後プログラマとして Xamarin + Microsoft Azure で スマホアプリ開発 • 2016 年に Microsoft 入社 • 松屋狂 • エンジニア兼マンガ家
  6. 6. 私の描いた絵
  7. 7. 私の描いた絵
  8. 8. フォロワーは 6.9 万人を 超えました!
  9. 9. What is Azure?
  10. 10. クラウド・コンピュー ティングの基礎 Cloud computing basics
  11. 11. IaaS クラウドのサービスの種類 Cloud Computing Types PaaS SaaS
  12. 12. クラウド・サービスのモデル
  13. 13. オンプレからクラウドへの移行の道のり The journey to the cloud SaaSCloud-native Rehost Refactor Rearchitect Rebuild/New Replace Migration and modernization オンプレミス アプリ データ インフラ Security and management ContainersVirtual machines App, Data, and AI Services
  14. 14. クラウドに移行する理由 Why move to the cloud? Cost effective Pay-as-you-go pricing Pay only for the resources you use Scalable Vertically scale resources Adding a faster CPU Adding memory Horizontally scale Add more servers
  15. 15. クラウドに移行する理由 Why move to the cloud? Elastic Automatically add or remove resources Add resources when your application is most-heavily used Remove resources when unnecessary Reliable Azure provides Data backups Disaster recovery Data replication Maintenance is done for you  ハードウェアのセットアッ プしたりなどしなくて済む No more software patching, hardware setup, upgrades, and IT management
  16. 16. 2012年のニューヨーク大停電の話 Photo: Iwan Baan/New York Magazine
  17. 17. クラウドに移行する理由 Why move to the cloud? Secure Physical security walls, cameras, gates, security personnel, etc Digital security Data can travel in many ways within a data center, between data centers and over the internet. (* クラウドに移行したらセキュリティに関して一切心配しなくて良いとい うわけではないです。オンプレの時とセキュリティのアプローチが異なると いう話です。クラウドセキュリティに関するセッションをご覧ください)
  18. 18. What is Azure?
  19. 19. Azure Datacenter Infrastructure Azure Backup Site Recovery Azure Monitor Azure Policy Azure Bluepirnts Log Analytics Azure Migrate Databox Family Compute Storage Networking Linux Virtual Machine Compute/Containers Web/Mobile DevOps/Developer Container Instance Functions Service Fabric Integration IoT Data Services Service Bus Event Grid Logic Apps API Management Management Platform as a Services (PaaS) Security Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) Disk Storage Managed Disks Virtual Machine Scale Sets Express Route Load Balancer Azure Firewall Virtual WAN Network Watcher Virtual Network VPN Gateway Media Services Content Delivery Network Media/CDN Cognitive Services IoT Hub Stream Analytics Role- based access control Azure Digital Twins Time Series Insights IoT Central IoT Edge Bot Services SQL Data Warehouse Azure Databricks Apache Spark AI Machine Learning Studio Machine Learning Service Azure Search Analytics Data Lake Storage Gen2 Mobile Apps Web Apps Logic Apps API Apps Notification Hubs SignalR Service Application Insights Lab Services Azure DevOps SDK SQL Database Data Factory Database for MySQL Cosmos DB Database for PostgreSQL Database for MariaDB Database Migration Service Azure Cache for Redis Azure AD Key Vault Security Center DDoS Protection Multi-Factor Authentication Azure ATP Azure AD for Domain Services Azure AD B2C Cost Management Video Indexer Content Protection Kubernetes Service SQL Data Warehouse Table Storage
  20. 20. Azure is secure, cost-effective, and ubiquitous
  21. 21. Azure compute services Azure Virtual Machines Azure Kubernetes service Azure Functions
  22. 22. Azure networking services
  23. 23. Azure storage services
  24. 24. Azure AD is a multi-tenant, cloud-based directory and identify management service What is Azure Active Directory?
  25. 25. What is Azure Active Directory? Centralized directory store Used by Azure and Office 365 Contains all the identities of users in your organization What is Azure Active Directory?
  26. 26. Explore the Azure Portal
  27. 27. 覚えておきたい用語 Resource Resource group
  28. 28. Azure Resource Manager
  29. 29. Azure Resource Manager How the Azure Resource Manager Works
  30. 30. Azure Resource Manager Consistent management layer Deploy, manage, and monitor resources as a group Provides security, auditing, and tagging
  31. 31. Subscriptions, resource groups, and resources Resource GroupResource GroupResource Group
  32. 32. 覚えておきたい用語 Resource Resource group Resource provider
  33. 33. よく見るリソースプロバイダー Common resource providers
  34. 34. 覚えておきたい用語 Resource Resource group Resource provider Resource manager template
  35. 35. }, "resources": [ { "type": "Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts", "apiVersion": "2018-11-01", "name": "[variables('storageAccountName')]", "location": "[parameters('location')]", "sku": { "name": "[variables('storageAccountType')]" }, "kind": "Storage", "properties": {} }, Azure Resource Manager Template azuredeploy.json
  36. 36. Azure compute options
  37. 37. Compute Options – 色々な VM のスペック
  38. 38. Compute Options – 色々な VM のスペック
  39. 39. Virtual Machine (VM) (仮想マシン) とは Software emulation of a physical computer Includes Virtual processor Memory Storage Networking resources Unlike containers, VMs host an OS リモートデスクトップのクライアントを使って、その作った VM に 入って操作することができる。By using a remote desktop client, you can use and control the virtual machine as if you were sitting in front it.
  40. 40. Azure に VM を立てる Creating a VM in Azure Takes 5 minutes Select a pre-configured VM image A template used to create a VM Includes an OS and usually some other software
  41. 41. コンテナとは? What’s a container?
  42. 42. 仮想化とコンテナ化 Virtualization vs. containerization
  43. 43. Azure compute options
  44. 44. サーバーレスとは何か What is Serverless? Serverless computing is a cloud- hosted execution environment that runs your code but completely abstracts the underlying hosting environment. Actually, there are a lot of servers You don’t have to manage infrastructure
  45. 45. Abstraction of servers, infrastructure and operating systems Event-driven Fully-managed Server management based on resources consumed Capacity planning based on time code is running サーバーレスとは何か What is Serverless?
  46. 46. Serverless in Azure Power Automate (以前の Microsoft Flow) Azure Logic Apps Azure Functions Azure App Service WebJobs
  47. 47. Azure Functions Develop serverless applications on Azure Pay only for the time your code runs Use your development language of choice Simplify integration with Azure services Functions runtime is opensource
  48. 48. Azure App Service – アプリのホスティング Build and host web apps in your language of choice Auto-scaling and high availability Automated deployments from GitHub and Azure DevOps
  49. 49. Azure App Service
  50. 50. Compute service decision tree u d neg ate t and h t Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye o o o o g ate o u d ne o oad o e v e a h te tu e vent d ven o oad th ho t ved o e e t and h t o oud o t m ed o ou e u e u ont o eed u edged o he t at on o oan e onta ne ed Ye o eed nteg at on o u u o ted o o t te hno og ta Ye oud o t m ed hoo e om u e onta ne ho t ng o t on o Ye e a ode et htt a u e m o o t om ove v e onta ne
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