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Play It Away - TRIPLE PLAY (3 copies)

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Play It Away - TRIPLE PLAY (3 copies)

  1. IF YOU BUY 3 COPIES Continued
  3. BONUS GIFT # 1 Book Club Webinar ‣ 2-hour open Q&A with fun likeminded people ‣ I’ll reveal an ancient anxiety-fighting technique I removed from the book because it was too dangerous
  4. BONUS GIFT # 2 Book Bundle ($50) ‣ Kindle .mobi file of Play It Away ‣ PDF, easy to share ‣ Audiobook, when it’s up for sale
  5. BONUS GIFT # 3 Aerobie Flying Ring ($10) ‣ My favorite toy for playing catch ‣ Light, durable, portable, and extremely fun
  6. BONUS GIFT # 4 T.R.E. Book ($10) ‣ Anxiety-reducing technique used regularly by Charlie, featured in Play It Away ‣ Tension Releasing Exercises PDF (16 pages, includes detailed photos of each exercise)
  7. BONUS GIFT # 5 Charlie’s Daily Schedule ‣ Hour-by-hour routine Charlie followed during the month he healed his anxiety ‣ Bonus chapter from Play It Away
  8. BONUS GIFT # 6 Go Play Wristband ($5) ‣ Your personal reminder to get outside and have fun with your friends ‣ Available in Large
  9. TRIPLE PLAY 1. Purchase 3 paperback copies on Amazon (click here) 2. Email receipt AND your best mailing address to playitawaybook@gmail.com with “Triple Play” in the subject line LIMITED TO 30 BUYERS