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UX design. What, how and why.

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Short presentation I made to introduce bitmama's Information Interaction Design team. It goes through what is UX design, how it is carried out and why it is useful (mainly in terms of ROI).

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UX design. What, how and why.

  1. User<br />eXperience.<br />design<br />
  2. What?<br />
  3. “ <br />”<br />Design is not just what it looks like<br />and feels like. Design is how it works.<br />Steve Jobs<br />
  4. Good<br />
  5. Great<br />
  6. Insanely<br />Great<br />
  7. 5metrics<br />
  8. Learnability<br />
  9. Efficiency<br />
  10. © kate at yr own risk<br />Memorability<br />
  11. Errors<br />
  12. Satisfaction<br />
  13. “ <br />”<br />I’ve been amazed at how often those<br />outside the discipline of design<br />assume that what designers do is<br />decoration. Good design is<br />problemsolving.<br />Jeff Veen<br />
  14. Whatweseeis<br />Visual Design<br />
  15. Butwhatwedon’t seeis<br />90%<br />
  16. “ <br />”<br />Design is so critical it should be on the agenda of every meeting in every single department.<br />Tom Peters<br />
  17. How?<br />
  18. Deliverables<br />
  19. Assessments<br />
  20. Interviews<br />
  21. SiteMaps<br />
  22. Flow Charts<br />
  23. Wireframes<br />
  24. Why?<br />
  25. “ <br />”<br />Business success is always defined by the quality of the overall customer experience.<br />Forrester Research, 2001<br />
  26. Websites that are hard to use frustrate customers, forfeit revenue and erode brands.<br />Forrester Research, 1998<br />“ <br />”<br />
  27. Good design is the most important way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.<br />Samsung CEO YunJong Yong, 2004<br />“ <br />”<br />
  28. Savings<br />“Cost-Justifying usability” Bias & Mayhew , 1994<br />HumanFactors International, 2001<br />
  29. Development<br />Phase<br />Deployment<br />Phase<br />Requirements<br />Phase<br />Design Alternatives<br />Time cost <br />per change<br />8h<br />per change<br />32h<br />per change<br />
  30. Deployment<br />Phase<br />Requirements<br />Phase<br />20changes<br />*<br />35$per hour<br />*<br />*<br />8hper change<br />32hper change<br />5,600$<br />22,400$<br />
  31. Savings<br />$16,800<br />
  32. Extra<br />Income<br />“The $300 Million Button” Jared M. Spool, 2009<br />
  33. or<br />Register<br />E-mail Address<br />Password<br />Forgot password?<br />Checkout<br />Login<br />I’m notheretoenterinto a relationship. I just wanttobuysomething.<br />
  34. or<br />Register<br />E-mail Address<br />Password<br />Forgot password?<br />Checkout<br />Login<br />They’ll pester me with marketing messages I do not want to hear of, I’m sure<br />
  35. or<br />Register<br />E-mail Address<br />Password<br />Forgot password?<br />Checkout<br />Login<br />Which e-mail did I usehere?<br />
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  37. Extra Income<br />$300,000,000<br />out of $25 billion sales <br />
  38. Who?<br />
  39. Marco Catani<br />Serena Facchinetti<br />Giacomo Grassi<br />Michele Iovino<br />Matteo Polato<br />
  40. www.bitmama.it<br />