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How to incorporate user research in your project

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This presentation will give high level idea of how anyone can incorporate user research in different ways in their project.

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How to incorporate user research in your project

  1. 1. HOW TO INCORPORATE USER RESEARCH IN YOUR PROJECT BY Chintan Radia & Stavashil Jagtap iBASH2016
  2. 2. Agenda ● What is user research? ● Why user research? ● User research techniques ● How to choose correct technique ● Collecting feedback ● Challenges with user research ● Case study : Sales Systems (TechOps)
  3. 3. Research is an integral part of UCD process
  4. 4. USER RESEARCH METHODS 4 QUANTITATIVE QUALITATIVE EVALUATIVE GENERATIVE ▪ Surveys ▪ Contextual enquiry ▪ Focus groups ▪ Interviews ▪ Personas ▪ User journey ▪ A/B testing ▪ Analytics ▪ Sentiment analysis ▪ Concept validation ▪ User testing User research methods are applied at different stages of strategy, design and delivery to either generate new ideas or validate designs with users.
  5. 5. WHY ● To know your users. ● Get insights about how user interact with the system. ● Get right requirement from right people at right time. ● Validate your assumptions. ● To backup your design with data points. ● To make user friendly system. ● Lot of development time can be saved if it’s done correctly. ● Changes to product in later stage of development cycle are very expensive
  7. 7. CONTEXTUAL ENQUIRY Go and see, get inspired
  8. 8. FOCUS GROUP Collaborative design challenges
  9. 9. COMPETITIVE REVIEW Get your users test competitive products
  10. 10. EXPERT REVIEWS Evaluation of an existing product
  11. 11. PERSONAS Modeling your target users
  12. 12. USER JOURNEY Mapping customer touchpoints and experiences across channels
  13. 13. PROTOTYPING Collaborative design challenges
  14. 14. USER TESTING Know your users
  15. 15. ● Decide the objectives of user research. ● Define your audience. ● Know the time & budget constraints. HOW TO CHOOSE CORRECT TECHNIQUE
  16. 16. COLLECTING FEEDBACK AND SUMMARIZE ● This is the key aspect of user research. ● Depending on what technique you have used, ways of collecting feedback varies. ● Accurate data analysis will help you find the correct direction for product development.
  17. 17. CHALLENGES ● Mixed feedback from users. ● No clear trend from the results. ● Challenge to find right users at right time.
  18. 18. CASE STUDY : SALES SYSTEM TEAM (TECHOPS) ● User research has played a key role in making decisions in product development. ● Sales system team has build two products : ○ CP Dashboard : Reporting tool for CST’s & CP build on Gofigure platform. ○ SalesFunnel : Internal opportunity management system build on top of Salesforce CRM.
  19. 19. CP Dashboard
  20. 20. Questions we were able to answer using user research ● User journey between CP dashboard , GoFigure & SalesFunnel. ● What level of details should be available on tiles. ● Navigation between tiles and different views. ● Necessary changes in UI to make it more user friendly.
  21. 21. Change in design based on user feedback Staffing tile before user testing Staffing tile after user testing
  22. 22. Change in design based on user feedback Pipeline tile before user testing Pipeline tile after user testing
  23. 23. Change in design based on user feedback Navigation before user testing Navigation after user testing
  24. 24. SalesFunnel
  25. 25. Questions we were able to answer using user research ● User survey helped us decide what information is important for our users on staffing page. ● Based on user feedback, we made changes to the design and user interactions. ● Ongoing user feedback and incorporate those changes throughout the product life cycle.