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Pudu Aluminum Energy

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  1. 1. PUDU Aluminum EnergY makinga cleaner future a reality 1
  2. 2. Ourfuture depends onthe development of energytechnology SituationOverview The development in energy technology has accelerated over the past few decades Energy production drives production and innovation in all other sectors and industries Innovation and production help to drive the future of our Earth and a better tomorrow 2
  3. 3. Thepotentialof aluminumenergy China is in a prime position to capitalize on aluminum energytech 3 Policy • Will help China to become energy independent Economic • Help to stimulate sustainable economic growth Military • Aluminum energy would create safer applications as products are not flammable Society • A cleaner, greener future for everyoneChina has the world’s greatest aluminum production power and the largest market
  4. 4. Alu- Tech uses aluminum as a catalyst to createhydrogen energy Alu-TechOverview 4 2Al+3H2O Al2O3+3H2(g) Aluminum combined with water creates hydrogen gas with a by-product of alumina
  5. 5. Conventional Gasoline-Powered Vehicles Storage of Hydrogen Energy Water Filtration/Production Mobile Energy Production Al-Hydro energy has the ability to replace traditional vehicles that are powered by fossil fuels Al-Hydro Energy does not require external storage system as it is actively captured from the vehicle Al-Hydro Energy has desalination and purification applications, resulting in increased drinking water supply Hydrogen energy is produced on demand as energy is produced when hydrogen is produced Alu-TechAPPLICATIONS Alu-tech has the capability to solve a variety of problems
  6. 6. 6 AlEnergy Coin Aluminum energyrepresents a flow that can be captured by Al-Coin Represents the flow of money, energy and people Goal is to replace fossil fuels with Al-Energy As Al-Energy gains adoption, Al-Coin will replace the petrocurrency
  7. 7. Benefitsofalu-tech 7 Zero-Emission Products create zero pollution, helping to reduce greenhouse gases Adoptability Easiest to adopt, as current auto manufacturers will not need additional R&D for engine Cost-Saving On a per 100km basis, $4 for Aluminum Fuel $7 for Gasoline $8 for Diesel $6 for Lithium-Ion No Fueling Station Energy is generated on the go, does not require additional charging stations, zero additional infrastructure needed Alu-tech Is highly feasible dueto adoptability and low infrastructure cost
  8. 8. 8 Alu-tech Is self-sustaining as aluminum can be regenerated AluminumRegeneration Addition of natural gas in current aluminum production process, paired with our technology Decreases production costs by offsetting demand for electricity (hydrogen energy generated helps power traditional smelters)
  9. 9. 9 Conclusion PUDU Aluminum EnergyTechnology makinga cleaner future a reality
  10. 10. 10 Havequestions?Ask Us! Email: puduChina@qq.com Phone:132-6220-3920