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Toddler Swimming Droitwich

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To make your child’s birthday party an experience that they will never forget please visit : www.chessgroveswim.co.uk

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Toddler Swimming Droitwich

  1. 1. Phone : 01527 821978 Email : info@chessgroveswim.co.uk
  2. 2.  Toddlers (18 months - 3 years) – Weekly lessons  Preschool (3 - 4 years) – Weekly lessons  Children's (school age) – Weekly lessons
  3. 3.  All our childrens' swimming lessons run all throughout the year with the exception of 2 weeks over Christmas. Free trials are available for all toddler, preschool & school-aged children who are thinking of having lessons with us. This taster / assessment lesson will help you decide if Chessgrove is right for you and to help our teachers select the most appropriate class for the swimmer. We do not guarantee to put friends or siblings in the same class, but aim to put each swimmer in the class that most suits them, taking many factors into account including their swimming ability, age, confidence and development.
  4. 4.  Children’s swimming lessons are taught in small classes with a focused and structured approach. We keep our class sizes small to ensure every child gets special attention, and does plenty of swimming, and our teachers are in the water during the lessons. Despite the planning and structure that goes into the lessons, we still teach in a safe, sensitive and FUN way, so that children enjoy their lessons, and are motivated to try hard.
  5. 5.  We consider our lessons to be value for money because we operate and "all-inclusive" policy which means there are no hidden added extras. Here are just some of the benefits available when you sign up for lessons:
  6. 6.  Our teacher to pupil ratio is 4, compared with the Swim England recommendation of 12. So, we are giving 3 times more instruction in every lesson. And we get to know your child.  Our teachers are in the water, not on the poolside. This means that we correct technique on every width / length, and individual swimmers are shown what they need to improve rather than swimming a whole length with uncorrected techniques. Practice does not always make perfect. But perfect practice does make perfect.
  7. 7.  We offer FREE replacement lessons. Children have busy lives with lots of opportunities, so may miss lessons due to illness, holidays, parties, school plays etc. As long as you tell us in advance that you will not be attending a lesson, then the replacement is free. Please note this is dependent on availability.  Swimmers do not have to redo levels. We concentrate on learning to swim, not just on badges. We award badges as and when swimmers achieve each level not on a specified badge week, so we do not have a pass / fail for the course. The aim is to motivate, and not hold swimmers back if they are struggling with one or two activities for a badge. Often, they start working towards the next badge before finishing off the last one.
  8. 8.  Ditchford Bank Road  Hanbury  Bromsgrove  Worcs  B60 4HS  Phone : 01527 821978  Email : info@chessgroveswim.co.uk  Website : www.chessgroveswim.co.uk