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Pool Parties Droitwich

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At www.chessgroveswim.co.uk, we have incorporated the Birthlight baby swimming techniques into a structured programme.

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Pool Parties Droitwich

  1. 1. Chessgrove Swim Ltd
  3. 3.  Taking your baby swimming is a truly rewarding family experience. Babies have a real affinity with water and baby swimming helps to improve co- ordination, balance and sleep patterns. It’s a fun and sociable activity, and in our luxurious, warm pool, you can take part whatever the weather. Our baby swimming programme includes submersions which are an important part of learning to swim, but they are not the main focus of the sessions. All lessons are taught with an emphasis on fun, and we include plenty of songs, games and toys in every session.
  4. 4. Benefits of Baby Swimming  Develops baby's fitness. Swimming strengthen the muscles, ligaments, heart and lungs.  Improves baby’s sleep patterns & appetite, and helps your baby to relax.  Develops baby’s motor control, agility, coordination and balance.  Equips baby with vital lifesaving skills and develops an awareness of danger & respect for the water.  Develops baby’s social stimulation with other children and adults  Helps the bonding between parent and child, with plenty of skin to skin contact.  Helps parents to gain confidence with their baby in a water environment and teaches them new skills
  5. 5. Course Structure Days and times of our 10 week Baby 1 courses starting in April 2018 (the week commencing 16th) are as follows:  - Mondays at 11.30am  - Tuesdays at 10.30am  - Wednesdays at 12pm  - Thursdays at 11.30am
  6. 6. Course Programme  At Chessgrove Swim, we have incorporated the Birthlight baby swimming techniques into a structured programme. Skills are developed week by week, and new exercises are introduced to compliment the developmental stages of the babies and the reflexes they exhibit. All lessons are delivered with a safe, sensitive and fun approach.
  7. 7.  Learning to swim is like learning to crawl or walk, it requires practice! So exercises are repeated at first, then extended and developed. The course is divided into 4 key stages, Baby 1, 2, 3 & 4.
  8. 8.  Baby 1 has an emphasis on building baby's water confidence in a gentle manner. Parents learn how to hold their baby so they are positioned correctly in the water to encourage their swimming. Basic skills and submersions are learned and will then be built on in the Baby 2 course.
  9. 9.  Baby 2 introduces more movement and splashing practices as well as developing baby's water confidence further. More advanced submersions and activities are practised to encourage babies to kick in the water.
  10. 10.  Baby 3 encourages babies to become more independent in the water. There are still lots of exciting swaying, splashing and movement activities and submersions will be practised without parents giving cues.  By the end of baby 4, a baby will become much more independent and new activities and games are practised so that the babies are ready to work on ASA Ducklings Awards and will be ready to progress into a toddler course.
  11. 11. Introductory Sessions Upcoming intro sessions are as follows:  Wednesday 7th March 12.30pm-1pm  Monday 26th March 11.30am-12pm  Thursday 29th March 11.30am-12pm  Tuesday 10th April 10.30am-11am  Bookings can be made online or by contacting us directly - payment is required at the time of booking.
  12. 12. Contact Us  Ditchford Bank Road  Hanbury  Bromsgrove  Worcs  B60 4HS  Phone : 01527 821978  Email : info@chessgroveswim.co.uk  Website : www.chessgroveswim.co.uk