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Taking the "vile" out of privilege

  1. privileTaking the out of ge Chris Heilmann (@codepo8) January 2018
  2. Dina Amin Beyond Tellerand Munich 2018 Feeling privileged is incredibly empowering.
  3. We enjoy quite a lot of privilege.
  4. Our privilege (YMMV) Fast web access across form factors
  5. Our privilege (YMMV) Kick-ass hardware
  6. Our privilege (YMMV) Ridiculous scale
  7. Our privilege (YMMV) High demand in the job world
  8. Our privilege (YMMV) Open source tooling
  9. Our privilege (YMMV) Platforms with open feedback channels
  10. Our privilege (YMMV) A high tolerance for doing things not by the book
  11. We also have a lot of trouble to deal with
  12. Our home-made troubles × Peer pressure and unhealthy work attitude
  13. Our home-made troubles × The burden of insight
  14. Our home-made troubles × The “not invented here” problem
  15. Our home-made troubles × Lack of real recognition
  16. Our home-made troubles × Impostor syndrome
  17. Our home-made troubles × Lack of patience when it comes to change
  18. Perceptions are skewed in every direction
  19. We have weird perceptions of what people are like
  20. Our perception problems (inside out) ∞ Things would be perfect if people updated more
  21. Our perception problems (inside out) ∞ People don’t listen enough to experts – like us
  22. Our perception problems (inside out) ∞ People are lazy and should try to understand more
  23. Our perception problems (inside out) ∞ Everything we didn’t do is terrible
  24. Fueled by mainstream media, the perception of us is also not good…
  25. Our perception problems (outside in) ↆ We destroy everything people worked for
  26. Our perception problems (outside in) ↆ We build things only we can understand
  27. Our perception problems (outside in) ↆ We don’t care for people’s privacy or feelings
  28. Our perception problems (outside in) ↆ We control the media and cause horrible politics
  29. Our perception problems (outside in) ↆ We’re antisocial and sociopaths
  30. So… we are vile people, who have everything, work for people who don’t appreciate us, building products for people who don’t deserve them...
  31. Fuck, that’s depressing…
  32. Let’s break that cycle…
  33. Each of us in their own way, taking little steps…
  34. First of all, let’s chill: You can’t make everybody happy. You are not pizza.
  35. Let’s be good to ourselves… Sleep more Eat better Move more Take breaks Pet animals
  36. Work in optimized surroundings Effective tools Fewer distractions Up-to-date and clean products VMs and containers
  37. Considering the needs of others Creating performant products Keeping language simple Automating setups Inclusive design Making no technical assumptions
  38. Playing well with others Clear beats clever in production Commenting our work Writing excellent examples Creating clean, high quality assets Documenting our products and work
  39. Conserving energy and focusing your attention. Not every discussion needs us OK to miss out on some new hotness Tech news is not better than mainstream
  40. Seeking out and celebrating little wins. Closing bugs Helping with bug fixing the way you can Finding inspiration and giving thanks
  41. Sharing what you know and what you know to avoid. Writing about failure Explain what problems your solution prevents Help others stay safe (2FA)
  42. Sharing opportunities and knowing when to say no. Beginner bugs Finding more exciting replacements Calling out bad behaviour Sharing talent you spotted
  43. Never forgetting the importance of playing. Build silly things Try out something new Break things in creative ways Share things that made you happy
  44. Big changes start with small, but deliberate decisions
  45. Doing something good even without an immediate effect can feel great.
  46. Let’s use our privilege to enable others and great things will happen.
  47. Thanks! Chris Heilmann @codepo8