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Indonesian Tourism Exchange

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Indonesian Tourism Exchange

  2. 2. …SEAMLESS INTEGRATION… 3 Back Office System Travel Management System Pre-booking Booking Invoicing
  4. 4. Indonesian Tourism Exchange itx.co.id Restructuring Indonesian Travel & Tourism Industry PREPARED BY: EDWARD JUSUF - DWI WAHYUDI
  5. 5. Indonesian Travel & Tourism Background Tourism as the second largest national income Prosperity and social media drive the tourism industry development Enhance equitable development to all remote area Digital Transformation forming Digital Travel Vendor all travel & tourism stake holder
  6. 6. Indonesia Travel & Tourism - Challenge No Comprehensive Travel & Tourism Marketplace Limited Standardization, Certification and Identification Limited capability for digital distribution – Limited API Out Technology remain expensive for certain travel & tourism player
  7. 7. Stake Holder Ministry of Tourism Indonesia Tourism Board Airliners Hotelier Restaurant Tourism Object and Attraction Travel Agent & Local Land Operator Transportations companies
  8. 8. Benefit for Government  Government Travel & Tourism Market Place  Travel & Tourism Data Banks for further analysis  Generate a standard format of information from all province  Extensive digital travel data collection  Identification and Certification platform for Indonesia Travel & Tourism industry
  9. 9. Travel & Tourism Market Place Buy & sell, information exchange for travel &tourism business Providing API In and Extranet Access for Seller Providing API Out and web portal for Buyer Integrate with other government travel & tourism web site for a greater synergy. Providing a format for all “Dinas Pariwisata” for information upload Itx.co.id API API
  10. 10. Business Architecture Extranet API In Web Portal API Out Management Dashboard Product Management Vendor & Buyer Management Payment Gateway Local & Global Reporting & Analysis Dinas Pariwisata Hotelier Restaurant Travel Agencies Tourism Object Other T&T Related T R A V E L V E N D O R Offline Travel Agent Online Travel Agent General Public E-commerce Corporation Government T R A V E L B U Y E R
  11. 11. Business Scheme • ITX will charge a transaction fee to be determined based on product • Based on profitability some product only have a very limited margin • Transaction fee in amount and not based on %age • ITX provide Payment Gateway ensuring Buyer & Seller interest, payment released after service completion • Non common buyer should pay subscription fee for data access • Revenue from online advertisement, preferred seller etc. • Manage as a Start Up company, and should be own by Government relate to database ownership
  12. 12. CHALLENGE • Low Technology Deployment • Limited Capital for Technology investment • Limited Distribution Channel • Smaller seller can not compete with the larger • Payment issue from Buyer • Reduce risk on non performing buyer • Limited access to certain products • Reduce risk for non performing agents • Payment issue especially for global buyer Seller Buyer
  13. 13. • Extensive Distribution Channel, open modern global market • Extranet for Non Digital Vendor capabilities • API Out to ITX for a more advance distribution process • Opsigo users free integration charges (same platform) and get immediate integration access • Channel Manager Integration • Cheaper payment process, easy to sell cheap travel products • Joint Marketing Program Seller Benefit
  14. 14. • One Stop Shopping, multiple travel & tourism related product • Buyer may select their own preferred travel vendor • Extensive Indonesia Travel & Tourism information and data • Easier to open Online Travel Agent, as all travel related vendor is accessible from • Cheaper payment process and capability even to purchase cheap travel products Buyer Benefit
  15. 15. Thank You