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Rizal as a scientist

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Rizal as a scientist

  1. 1. reporting
  2. 2. In 1892,  Dr. Jose Rizal was incarcerated at Fort Bonifacio and soon after he was exiled at Dapitan where he immersed himself with the study of nature. Together with his students in Dapitan, Rizal was able to collect numerous species of birds, insects, butterflies, shells, snakes, and plants. His collection of shells was so extensive and was said to be the richest collection in the Philippines at that time. To be exact the collection was over 340 shells representing more than 200 species.
  3. 3. Scientific name’sDRACO RIZALI-One of the 3 famous discovered animal of Rizal.- This is small lizard with famous kind of flying dragon.- Wandolleck- This lizard only see in tropical island like southeast asia which Philippines is a part of southeast.
  4. 4. Scientific name’sAPOGANIA RIZALI-This species is kind of small beetles.- Heller- This beetles also kind of peculiar beetle found here also in the Philippines.
  5. 5. Scientific name’sRHACOPHORUS RIZALI-This species is kind of a rare frog-Boetger-It is an inhabitant of primary and secondary rainforest. 
  6. 6. Other scientific name’s  1.Spathomeles Rizali - Fungus Beetle 2. Cyrestis Maenalis Rizali - butterfly 3. Dolichopeza Rizalensis - mosquito 4. Leptocorisa Acuta - paddy bug 5. Hydropsyche Rizali - moth 6. Cervus - deer (found by Rizal) 7. Glenochrysa Rizali - kind of dragonfly
  7. 7. 1.Spathomeles Rizali2. Cyrestis Maenalis Rizali3. Dolichopeza Rizalensis4. Leptocorisa Acuta
  8. 8. CervusGlenochrysaRizali
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