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01 mise en scene notes sheet

Mise en scene notes sheet

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01 mise en scene notes sheet

  1. 1. Mise-en-scene What does mise-en-scene mean? - Everything that’s on the scene at any one time. - Cinematography. - Editing. - Sound. - ‘’Placed in the scene’’ What are the 6 key areas of mise-en-scene?  Colour  Costume  Props  Setand location  Performance  Lighting Colour: How is colour used in the 3 below pictures? Dark and distressed clothing = dark/evil person or scene. Bright clothing and bright background = happy scene. White clothing = innocent and pure/wedding/love/purity. Red clothing = representing blood. Half black half white hair = split personality/bipolar. Non attractive bird = crow = repressing black and dark inner feelings. Costume: What can we interpret from these costumes? The costume presents a CULTURAL CODE! Allows audiences to react differently to the characters and lets them be notices when playing different character to how they usually would. Cleanly shavne Secretive and slightly higher social standards. Low social standard Poor chavy
  2. 2. Mise-en-scene Props: Option 1 - You have to provide props for a tense police interview between two officers and one suspected murderer. Decide what props you would incorporate and how the actors should be directed to use them. Option 2 – You have to provide props for a romantic meal between two characters on their first date. Decide what props you would incorporate and how the actors should be directed to use them. Objects within a frame used to dress the set and/or used b the actord, Props needed: How would actors be directed to use them: Location: Can be a purpose built set or a real location Blocking/Performance:  Blocking refers to the positioning and movement of actors within the frame, both in relation to each other and in relation to the camera (which represents us, the audience)  Performance covers all aspects of the actual acting – gesture, expression, accent etc Lighting: How is lighting being used to create mood in the following examples? Low key lighting = allows high contrast between light and dark within the frame. High key lighting = ambient lighting which means that a scene has been lit using available light or possibly to look like natural light. Dark lighting background suggestion that there in an ally way or something along those lines.
  3. 3. Mise-en-scene