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Lessons from uk 2017 election madrid

  1. The ‘Fake’ election: lessons for journalism and politics from #GE2017 Professor Charlie Beckett @CharlieBeckett Madrid June 2017
  2. Result – May ’lost’, Corbyn ‘won’
  3. Taking control of the message
  4. Stage-management
  5. Behind the scenes
  6. Journalist push-back
  7. Policy u-turns mid-campaign
  8. Corbyn stage-managed
  9. Getting crowded
  10. Remind you of someone?
  11. Be seen to debate
  12. Mainstream media hostile and deluded
  13. Using social media to counter MSM
  14. Positive videos, positive SM results
  15. Using social media to counter MSM
  16. Negative less shared than positive, online
  17. We were warned (and ignored it)
  18. ‘The campaign doesn’t change anything’
  19. She ‘messed up’ but ‘won’
  20. In the end it was about politics • Brexit not an issue – not debated – anti-austerity and anti-authority played • Campaign did matter and Corbyn ‘won it’ – built base – echo chamber mobilised support • May ran sterile campaign and u-turns blew competence claim • But record Conservative vote – just down on early opinion polls • High turnout – especially young but also 35-45 yos – divisive result • UKIP split to Labour and Conservatives • Main two parties still dominated • Labour’s ‘Radical’ ideas were actually moderate/transactional • The more they saw of Corbyn the more they liked him
  21. What did UK media get wrong? • Too reliant on polls – easy journalism • Too partisan (even the Left) • Not diverse enough (Oxbridge, PPE, London) • Didn’t get out of the newsroom enough • Didn’t get off Twitter enough • Didn’t listen enough
  22. Further reading: • How should we report elections? • new-agenda-after-the-2017-shock/ • This was a fake politics election • was-the-fake-politics-election/ • Liberalism Trumped – it’s time to listen to the angry mob • to-listen-to-the-angry-mob/