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Intro to Game Modding - Lecture 3

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The production process

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Intro to Game Modding - Lecture 3

  1. 1. IMED 105: Intro to Game Modding Lecture 3: The Production Process ©Charles Palmer – Spring 2016
  2. 2. Unit: Production Process To embark on the creation process, many teams utilize a development process. The dev process used in video games was derived from processes used across a variety of industries; • software • stage and film production • Storycrafting • digital arts
  3. 3. Unit: Production Process Many game developers have adapted software development process models to help manage the production cycle. The three most common models used are: • Waterfall • Prototype • Spiral
  4. 4. Game Development Process • Not standardized • Used by large, mid-sized, and indie teams alike • Three main phases • Grew out of the film industry • Each phase has hundreds if not thousands of subtasks, and a final milestone/deliverable
  5. 5. Game Development Process Model
  6. 6. Reading & Watching There is no production assignment due next week. Instead please continue reading the next section of the Game Documents and Assets: Preproduction Stage (p11-16)and watch the second part of the “Playing Like a Designer” videos. There is a good chance a quiz on this material will be part of your future.
  7. 7. One final thought on mods … Most mods are never completed. For one reason or another, the developer abandons the project and moves on to something else or gives up on the idea of creating their own game. Ideas for moving forward: • Offer something new • Set realistic goals • Read your engine’s documentation • Finish something Valve’s Mod Making Tips – https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Making_a_Mod