pregnancy management cultural and economic factors that may impact sign analyse and solve problems in familiar and unfamil relate and apply the scientific process of nursin specific diagnostic and therapeutic interventions clinical manifestations disease process second stage fetal condition labour hemorrhage fetal heart rate intra uterine growth fetal growth monitoring examination treatment infection provision and facilitation of nursing care. evalu apply knowledge regarding: patho-physiology postnatal care post abortion care abortion south africa regionalized care maternal mortality transfer hospital diabetes pregnancy heart valve disease anemia pregnancy cute pyelonephritis cystitis contraception postpartum care family planning postpartum puerperal pyrexia care postnatal puerperium placental seperation third stage uterine contractions prolonged stage onset maternal effort communication bear down onset second stage labour findings partogram abnormalities labour stained liquor ecg heart rate patterns birth canal mechanisms of labour onset of labour true labour false labour prevention at risk pre mature rupture pre mature pre term rupture of membranes preterm labour disorders diabetes history bleeding delivery fetus antepartum pre eclampsia chronic hypertension gestational hpt eclampsia hypertension hiv during pregnancy pregnant woman counselling pregnant midwifery 26 weeks antenatal visit act review second visit movement antenatal first visit hormonal changes endocrine function hormones gas exchange placenta physical changes fetal development human development conception maternal health 1. assess client need for sleep/rest and intervene and complications of oxygen therapy 7. describe ho precautions oxygen and oxygen saturation 1. descri o discomfort. - refer to maslow’s needs again - ex o risk for infection transmission o risk for imbalanced nutrition o activity intolerance o ineffective airway clearance 1. define and identify the purposes of a nursing d and belonging (3)  societal needs  spiritual nee affection - what is maslow’s needs - important terminology - - overview of the law as it applies to nursing in o medical history & nursing history o the environm • sexual assault / rape o assessment findings p 27 p 522 • risk factors • assessment and common findi p 521 • management breast cancer p 529 p 521 • causes • pathophysiology • assessment and p 519 • mammogram • ultrasound • biopsy fibrocysti p 503 • pathophysiology • assessment & common fin p 498 / pccm 196 • endometriosis o pathophysiolog 491 • metrorrhagia pccm p 183 o causes disorders • p 491 o clinical features o management pccm p 1 p 486 pccm p 180 • dysmenorrhoea o primary pccm p disorders of menstruation p 499 811 / • pccm p 117 • pain relief- nursing care • 810 / clinical features pccm p 117 • diagnostic te p 809 pccm p 117 • definition • causes and inciden p 51 pccm p13 management (t&e periods) • types o p 794 • pathophysiology • clinical manifestations p 790 pccm p 115 • pre hepatic / haemolytic • hepa p 778 pccm 125 • definition • causes • pathophysio fistulas p 772 p 776 pccm 124 • definition • causes • pathophysio p 770 pccm 105 • definition • incidence • causes • elderly appendicitis p 765 children adults o management • chronic o causes – neonates • acute o causes – neonates trauma to the urinary tract renal stones (urolithiasis) kidney infection testicular cancer warning signs testicular torsion complications cryptorchidism klinefelter syndrome causes undescended testis: risk factors p 455 • assessment and common findings • diagnosti p • pathophysiology • risk factors • clinical mani p 446 pccm p 148 • acute • assessment and common f box 28.3 pyelonephritis p 456 box 28.2 • self-examination p 540 • aetiology • assessment and common findings p 538 • testicular torsion p 539 testicular cance p 538 (definitions) pccm p 282 • undescended teste p 528 (definitions) • phimosis • paraphimosis • c yeast recurrent infectionpenile disorders p 544 biliburin leukocytes blood ketones macroscopic and microscopic test physical examination urology urinary tract infecti skin hair nails examination skull lesions acne bli blood transfusions anemia types classification hae cancer oncology prevention warning signs preventio /p 899 pccm 216 o petit mal o grand mal o partial • definition • causes • pathophysiology • assessme • trigeminal neuralgia • bells palsy • sciatica adults o pathophysiology o management pccm 223 o c infants meningitis p 885/p 902 pccm p 223 o causes o class secondary headaches causes o clinical features o primary headaches migrains headaches stridor pccm p 53 (t&e periods) • causes • clinica diabetic ketoacidosis ketoacidosis ketosis hypergl pccm 136  oral hypoglycaemics table 43.4 pccm 135 • classification o type 1 o type 2 o gestational • pathophysiology • clinical manifestations pccm p • incidence • pathophysiology • assessment and com • classification o primary o secondary • risk fact general inspection ausculation inspection palpatat lupus management (t&e periods) immediate care in hospita pccm p 15 extent depth partial thickness full thic management of a burn injury p 968 types thermal ch provision and facilitation of nursing care 4. ev arthritis & osteoporosis 3. assess juvenile chronic rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis amputation 1. apply knowledge regarding: patho-physiology • parkinsons o definitions o causes o pathophysiol • hydrocephalus o definition o causes o pathophysi glasgow coma scale medulla voluntary and involuntary movement smell taste hear heat auditory sensation cortex central and peripheral nervous system overview anatomy stimuli and motor function assess table 39.3 • assessment and common findings o pain general git • diagnostic studies p 713 o x ray o general respiratory conditions • diagnostic tests table 33.7 • stabbed heart pccm 272 management of p 216 pccm 81 • aetiology • pathophysiology • classifica general cardiovascular system • diagnostic tests p herbert spencer karl marx max weber emile durkheim auguste comte
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