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Production Process Double Page Spread

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Production Process Double Page Spread

  1. 1. Production Process Double Page Spread
  2. 2. • Firstly I opened up a new project using Quark Express. I then began to arrange my initial layout.
  3. 3. • I then wrote up my interview on a word document and imported it onto my project. To define my questions from my answers I changed the font colour to red and changed the font to times new roman.
  4. 4. • I then had to import my main image then enlarged and centred it on the page. I then used photo shop to create the headline. After creating a picture box and importing my headline I found that Quark had difficulty resizing and so I had to do enlarge the headline with Photoshop and re-import it.
  5. 5. • After this I began to experiment with frames and effects to make my main image stand out. I finally decided on a dark colour red to frame my image drawing focus. I then created a drop quote box and used black as it followed my colour scheme and stood out against the white.
  6. 6. • Here I began to create a collage of posed and action shot photo’s. After looking at other rock genre magazines, I found that images were tilted and consisted of a group photo and individual shots of the members. Again I framed the images to follow the colour scheme and to draw attention.
  7. 7. • This then became the first draft and this was my finalised product for this draft. However there were problems with this such as the text didn’t fill the page and so there were gaps, as well as this my layout disallowed me to have individual images of members. I found my weakness was using Quark as throughout the process I had various technical difficulties.
  8. 8. The above image is the final copy of my double page spread for my rock magazine. I enlarged the title ‘Refrain Yourselves’ to make it the biggest font on the page.
  9. 9. • I finally decided on an arrangement for my images and bordered them all. I then added on the page number and spell checked for mistakes. This is my final copy of my double page spread.