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Chandrakant Shakya. (1)

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Chandrakant Shakya. (1)

  1. 1. Chandrakant Shakya chandrakant.shakya@gmail.com +91 81 46 325 769 Professional Summary: Well versed in network management, profiled java and android application development, Includes J2EE concepts and Database Management systems.  Currently have two years of experience with IT and good hands to developing/designing java & android applications, Works around Linux OS architecture, Unix BSD open source install, since 3 months, I am working with the project 3dt. Build application software provided to mobile at the level developer.  Previously posted as “Trainee Engineer” at beta soft Pvt. Ltd. from Sept. 2014 Till -28feb15, 3dimensions 6 month.  Working with third party API such as Google map-view and iOS -OS view, Design-Themes, layouts, Push-notifications, D.B. handle, Slider-Grid-Button-tag and backend-design.  Understandings to Multipurpose-views and Working with Multitasking-process.  Smart communication skills and strong hands on java programming and tools. Knowledge to web- technologies, HTML CSS JS JSP JDBC XML, and database.  J2EE-logical and practical exposure to the platform in project-management. Good hands on, Framework-android-SDK, SQL.ite.  Working knowledge on Windows, UX and MAC systems. Attended with java certification program at Bangalore for the period of 6 month from a corporate sd-soft pvt ltd. Includes technologies such as core-java, sql-server platform, advanced java programming with third party api. Those are springs, hibernate, JPA, JAAS, Log4j, and j2ee design patterns  Worked for @CMC as a “Project Trainee” on the grounds for infrastructure management and development, as on 9 month period on the job trainings across New-Delhi, north region, India. Plus certification on the same from the corporate training centers in New-Delhi, 3 months.  B. Tech. with Computer Science and Engineering.  SDM - Cisco Security Device Manager & systems monitoring.  Strong understanding of Networking, IT Security and administration. Application software support; Customer Support–provided support.  Self-motivated, Quick Learner & Team Player with Good Analyticals.  Excellent communication skills Role & Job Responsibilities: - 3dt Developer at 3D i n c : Basic architecture, software application that holds capabilities to run at multiple operating systems with multi-task feature on 3D. Blog-posting and megri-soft application for running their web-sites on android devices, used java core programming concepts on live. Android developer at betasoft system pvt ltd. Six months Design, Develop, Test and Deploy Android based complete applications using HTML5 based hybrid approach or discrete components of larger apps using Java and the Android SDK. Prototype new and redesign features of mobile apps. Contribute to the software architecture, and help to shape the development process. Troubleshoot, optimize and performance tune. Work closely with the Product Manager, and rest of the mobile team, to continually improve the development process and the product quality. IT engineer At CMC Ltd. Systems administration & Network administrations, Infrastructure mappings
  2. 2. Professional Experience: Android projects: App Store & 3dimensions App Store is basically a platform to deliver the different mobile application to the users as per their needs and selection. This has the feature to upload and download the data (mobile executable files) and the validations by the admin for the uploaded files by the participating companies. This also features the payment gateway and reporting tools as from the Google charts. 3dimensions,3D which is a face-book page and filled with lots of images on it. Converting a page into app for better visibility on images mobile selective. This is an demo app for showing on moments. I am currently working with both in a team of 5 members including me. Networking Projects: Network administration : ICFRE (Indian Council of forest and research) is the government organisation responsible for research in flora and fauna, Agricultural & Biological investigations and administration of forest. FRI is one of it’s branch which is Forest Research Institute. Its other departments are Botany, Entomology, Insectary, Soil, Tissue Culture and Seed. CBS – Core Banking Servise: CBI (Central Bank of India) is the government organisational bank established with RBI in India.CMC is responsible for Branch migration to convert each branch of CBI into CBS - Core Banking Service. Academics: Schooling from CBSE board with 72% in intermediate and 64% in high school in year 2002 and 2004 respectively, Academic Projects:  Office Automation solutions, Pathology Management Systems , and Applications Training & Certification:  Android applications development at beta soft systems pvt ltd. Immediate  SAP Techniversity 2013 conference certificate of participation  SDSOFT solutions PVT ltd certificate in java programming n technologies  Infrastructure Management and development. @CMC  C and C++ Certification Program. Achievements:  Screened for Beta-soft systems Pvt. Ltd. Rewarded with the same.  Bringing out competition, cracked interview for Job Oriented Program – CMC in Chandigarh based written aptitude selection immediately after graduation and worked on Latest cutting edge Technologies. Rewarded with the same.  Final year Presentation on “Ethical Hacking” 2009  B.Tech2009Reason of gap: enhance skills and knowledge. Skills, Analytical, Programming Concepts, Android, J2EE, Networking and Learning skills Hobbies & Interests:  Digital Photography  Sketching canvas & Digital Painting on Adobe Photoshop CS3 with wa.com TABLET.  Innovating ideas and technological aspects, http://chandrakant-shakya.blogspot.in/  jeetucu@3dimensions.net.in as an domain from Google site trail pack Other Details: E-mail : chandrakant.shakya@gmail.com
  3. 3. Nationality : Indian Languages : English, Hindi, & java. I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge