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  1. about success story Chandan Chaman MANAGER(M) GAYATRI UG MINE UNDERGROUND MINING TECHNOLOGY trend need of hour technology compariso n
  2. about trend need of hour technology SHARE OF COAL IN GLOBAL ENERGY BASKET • Coal fulfils around 30% of global primary energy needs. • Generates over 40% of the world’s electricity. • Used in production of 70% of the world’s steel. • India is the third largest coal producer in the world after China and USA • In India, coal is currently the prime source of energy as it provides about 52% of the commercial energy and about 67% of the electricity generation is coal based • Around 60% of the world’s coal production comes from underground mines • The proportion of coal production from underground coal mines varies widely in various countries. success story compariso n
  3. about trend 0 20 40 60 80 100 CHINA SOUTH AFRICA USA AUSTRALIA INDIA Series1 95 50 33 20 8 SHARE OF PRODUCTION FROM UG MINES 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 Opencast 504.195 516.116 560.667 592.882 613.518 633.569 686.214 690.393 683.872 745.007 Underground 52.207 49.649 48.512 46.408 44.350 41.831 43.504 40.481 32.211 33.183 TREND OF COAL PRODUCTION FROM OPENCAST MINES AND UNDERGROUND MINES IN INDIA Opencast Underground It shows a gradual but consistent decline of coal production from underground mines. need of hour technology success story compariso n
  4. about 1 2 3 4 Limited shallow depth reserves amenable to opencast mining are likely to be exhausted in foreseeable future (20-25 years) and the production from opencast coal mines may reach a plateau. The resulting shortfall in production due to exhaustion/closure of open cast mine cannot be made up by conventional underground mining As gestation period is generally more in case of underground projects, hence we have to start our planning well in advance. Huge land requirement, Rehabilitation, re-settlement is huge social challenge. ESG compliance getting tougher day by day technology trend need of hour success story compariso n
  5. about 02 01 POWER SUPPORT LONGWALL First endeavor for mechanization was in 1978, with the deployment of Power Support Longwall (PSLW) technology in Moonidih, BCCL. No. of operational PSLW face - 4 CONTINUOUS MINER The first fully mechanized Bord and pillar system using continuous miner technology started its operation in 2002 at Chirimiri, Anjan hill mine at SECL. No. of operational CM pckg - 31 trend need of hour technology success story compariso n
  6. about Rated Capacity of Mine (MTPA) No. of mine Av. annual production per mine < 0.30 88 0.10 0.3 - 0.6 28 0.43 0.6 - 1.0 9 0.78 1.0 - 4.0 4 1.90 > 4.0 1 4.20 1.96 6.62 20.62 4.8 13.81 19.33 0.00 5.00 10.00 15.00 20.00 25.00 Longwall Continuous Miner Conventional B&P PPRODUCTION (in MT) TECHNOLOGY WISE PRODUCTION FROM UG MINES OF COAL INDIA LIMITED FY2019-20 FY 2023-24 success story trend need of hour technology compariso n
  7. about history timeline teams compariso n success story  More than two decades of successful operation of Continuous Miner.  CM technology has proved itself for both development and depillaring operation.  Proven technology for mass production in Indian geo-mining condition.  Significant indigenous expertise has developed in past two decades for O&M of CM package.  Stakeholders are ready to operate mine as MDO (Mine developer cum operator) and TPO (Technology provider cum operator)  Indigenous equipment still not developed.  As on date 31 CM packages are operative in India through different mining contractors. JMS Mining – 15 Gainwell – 05 GMMCO – 02 CMAT – 01 SMS – 01 TMC – 02 Aurobindo – 01 Joy Global – 01
  8. Continuous Miner (1 Nos) Approx cost : Rs. 30-35 Cr. Major Manufacturer Komatsu, Sandvik, Caterpillar, Eickhoff, JAE, CODCO Batch Haulage system (2 nos) Approx cost : Rs. 15 Cr. Major Manufacturer Shuttle car (Komatsu, Sandvik, Philips, JAE) Battery Hauler (Komatsu) Ram Car ( Caterpillar) CM PACKAGE Approx 110 cr Roof Bolter (2 Nos) Approx cost : Rs. 10 Cr. Major Manufacturer Komatsu, Sandvik, Rham, JD Feeder Breaker (1 Nos) Approx cost : Rs. 15 Cr. Major Manufacturer Komatsu, Sandvik, FLSmidth, Ontrack Load Centre (1 Nos) Approx cost : Rs. 5 Cr. Major Manufacturer Ampcontrol, Allenwest, IE Corp, Baldwin & Francis LHD (1 Nos) Approx cost : Rs. 1 Cr. Major Manufacturer Eimco Elecon, Simplex
  9. Continuous Miner - CM 2H-45 Specification Machine Weight 83 t Ground Pressure 200 kPa Tramming Speed 8-25 m/min Min. Tramming height 1480 mm Min. cutting height 1.6 m Cutting width 3.65 m Max. cutting height 4.60 m Loading rate 30 t/min Drum Diameter 1.2 m Drum Speed 48 rpm Supply Voltage 1140 V Total installed power 655 kW Make : Eickhoff GmbH, Germany Model : CM 2H-45
  10. Trailing cable Shuttle car Make : Phillips Machine service, Inc. , USA Model : HC 14 B Specification Machine Weight 23 t Ground Pressure 9.49 kg/cm2 Tramming Speed 8-25 m/min Chassis Width 3581 mm Chassis height 1139 mm Chassis length 9042 mm Load end height 982 mm Rated capacity 15 T Tramming Speed (Empty) 9.6 kmph Tramming Speed (Full) 8.5 kmph Full time 4-wheel drive / 4-wheel steering
  11. Roof Bolter Make : Rham Equipment Pty. Ltd. ,South Africa Model : TB 2245 Specification Machine Weight 28 t Ground Pressure 9.49 kg/cm2 Tramming Speed 8-25 m/min Chassis Width 2880 mm Height (Extended) 4600 mm Length 8554 mm Gradability 25° Drill Speed 450 rpm Supply Voltage 1140 V Motor 75kW Drill Thrust 5-8kN Drill penetration 2-4 m/min Bolt torque <300Nm
  12. Feeder Breaker Make : M/s. Ontrak Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Australia, Model : OFB-1212 Specification Machine Weight 30 t Operational max output 600tph Hopper capacity 12-14m3 Chassis Width 2850 mm Height 1500 mm Length 11054 mm Max operating grade 1:8 Breaker drum diameter 650 mm Conveyor width 1000mm Conveyor speed 30m/min Supply Voltage 1140 V Motor 75kW x 2 Traction power 30kN per side
  13. Power Distribution System Make :M/s Ampcontrol UK Ltd., UK Model : AW2000/T3A
  14. Specification 8 Dedicated Drives for 1100 V and 2 Drives for 550 V Equipped with HV side VCB and then separate MCCB for 1100 V and 550 V Every Drive is powered by separate chassis which is controlled by Relay. Every Drive can be set for different parameters like E/L levels, delay times, Overload trip, and so on. Power consumption monitoring is on board. Equipped with Protection Card which can be updated by USB. Power Distribution System
  16. AIDA Sales PROVEN TECHNOLOGY READY FOR ADOPTION MAN RIDING SYSTEM Chair lift system, Free steered Vehicles, Mono Rail based man riding system 1 MULTI UTILITY VEHICLE Free steered Diesel/ Battery Operated vehicles, Mobile Lift and carry vehicles, Mobile Maintenance Van 2 TELE-MONITORING SYSTEM & VENTILATION ON DEMAND Tele-monitoring system for monitoring of mine environment parameters on real time. 3 CONVEYOR BELT Belt Condition Monitoring system for identifying surface features of conveyor belts, i.e. splices, tears and edge deformations. 4 ACTIVE PASTE FILL TECHNOLOGY Paste fill gains quick strength within two to three hours with ultimate strength of 30 to 50 Mpa 5
  19. AIDA Sales VENTILATION ON DEMAND Ventilation on demand (VoD) systems employ sensors around the mine that transmit real-time data on key parameters such as equipment in use, personnel, and information from gas, flow, and temperature sensors to a central control system, enabling mine-wide control of fans and air regulators. Mine is equipped with automated regulators. VoD systems learn and adapt over time with more data available, intelligently adjusting and optimizing air flow to maximize air quality and minimize consumption. In addition, potential problems are identified more quickly and blast gases are evacuated faster, decreasing downtime. By controlling mine ventilation in this way, annual energy savings of up to 50% are possible.
  23. 01 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE They use smart data and machine learning to improve operational efficiency, mine safety and production work flow. 02 INTERNET OF THINGS Fleet management & tracking Equipment health monitoring Exchange of data on real time DIGITAL AS ENABLER TO UNLEASH INDIA’S MINING POTENTIAL 03 Autonomous Vehicle Automated drones for safety surveillance, stock pile measurement, site mapping etc AUTOMATION 04 Digitized engineering and asset information DIGITAL TWIN
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  1. Underground Refuge Chamber It can be tailor made. It has Power Backup for lighting, oxygen supply and communication system. Sitting capacity – customised.