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[Challenge:Future] Meaningful Fun: Fun + Meaning2 = 2030 finals

  1. Members: Mary Ann Issac Chandni Alwani Avishikta Banerjee ONE NATION. ONE WORLD
  2. ‘ One Nation. One World’ envisions a national movement which brings India together for the common good. This fits perfectly into the mould of ‘Fun’ and ‘Meaning’, as the community is coming together to support their city and their favourite celebrity, while helping to improve the lives of the disadvantaged.
  3. Meet our Mascot ZUMBA!
  4. ONE NATION. ONE WORLD. We start with a NATION And by 2030, the WORLD .
  5. ONE NATION India will be a super power by 2030 BUT…. India is still plagued with poverty and illiteracy.  
  7. Recently we had the privilege to interview Mohit Lalwani ( a noted singer in Bollywood) First steps in making our project a Getting celebrities involved! We wanted to know if celebrities would be interested in our project. Therefore we asked him “If this were a real life scenario, would you be willing to support us as a celebrity?” His answer: “ Of course, I’d love to be a part of this project I am known to be part of projects like this.” We wanted to know if our idea is viable so we asked? “ Do you think more celebrities would want to get involved in such a project?” His answer: “ Many celebrities are taking part in such projects now, so it will not be a problem signing celebrities on for your project.” REALITY!
  8. Stars can help us attract sponsors! As movie stars are associated with many different brands , it will be easier for us to get sponsorship for the different teams.
  9. Celebrities lending a helping hand…. BEING HUMAN The Foundation is a registered charitable trust set up by Bollywood super star Salman Khan for helping the cause of the underprivileged . More examples of projects where stars have been involved before ….
  10. NDTV Toyota Greenathon 2010 helped raise money to provide solar power to 160 villages across the nation. It aimed at creating awareness about environmental issues by involving the people of our country and celebrities to make a difference . The NDTV Greenathon Marathon Actress Preity Zinta helping cleaning up the beach in Mumbai Famous starlet Priyanka Chopra recently became the brand ambassador for this project.
  11. People who agreed to sponsor us! Ms. Nanda Khanwani, director of Blue Fire Jeans in Germany agreed to sponsor our project..
  12. In the interview with actor John Abraham , he had also mentioned that : “ …. genuine support from the political system would be a great advantage in converting your project into reality.” SO WHAT WAS OUR NEXT MOVE? TO GO INTERVIEW ONE OF THE POLITICIANS IN INDIA AND ASK FOR HIS VIEW Enters RAJEEV PRATAP RUDY the spokesperson for Bharatiya Janta Party political party in India.   He agreed that it was a good idea to start on a ‘micro level’ first and then expand to more cities due to the obstacles we might face in every city in dealing especially with poverty.   He also supported out main concept , which is about the youth making a difference. He concluded that he would support our project.