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[Challenge:Future] Hard work, Dedication & Patience!

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[Challenge:Future] Hard work, Dedication & Patience!

  1. 1. My best advice to you for 2015: Hard work, Dedication & Patience! Elena Stojanovska, R. Macedonia
  2. 2. Hard work, Dedication & Patience! Decide in which direction you are going, it is important to dedicate each day on building your success and accepting full responsibility for your life. Step up from your comfort zone and if it is uncomfortable, you are probably moving on the right road. Stop procrastinating; do what it takes without drama, use your time smart and be surrounded with positive people. Be hardworking and have patience, the success is not coming over night; you have to put a lot of efforts and be willing to take risk. Each day dedicate time to invest in yourself, in your knowledge and skills in order to become professional in your field. And remember, be human, be grateful, respect the work of your colleagues and spread positive energy!
  3. 3. Short bio Elena Stojanovska has a master degree in Public Administration from University St. Kliment Ohridski, R. Macedonia, being one of the top three students. Part of her education she acquired at the Faculty of administration, University of Ljubljana, R. Slovenia, being awarded with two scholarships. Currently she is working as a project developer and writer in NGO Center for Local Initiatives Macedonia. She has 5 years of experience working in non-profit sector on implementation of projects related to entrepreneurship support and development, funded by USAID, EU, Netherlands Government, etc. So far, four of the project proposals that she has participated in writing and preparation, were awarded with grants from different donors.