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new application

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new application

  1. 1. MY OWN WELLNESS APP Charlotte Guillot
  2. 2. PRESENTATION It is an app in partnership with many luxurious Spa knownWorldwide such as Four Seasons, Cinq mondes, six senses and others It made for people who want to prepare their stay or book anappointment in the Spa nearby they lives… It will not be a free app
  3. 3. TARGET People interested in wellness High income because the partner are luxurious ones People who don’t really know what kind of beauty treatment ormassages they want Who prefer to book online their appointments…
  4. 4. HOW IT WORKS It is a complete app. You can use first the localization in order to find the closest Spa You can choose the ;partner you want, for each partner you have thecontact (tel, address…) the complete card of treatment and the prices,photos, explanations of each treatment You can book online the treatment you want or also respond to a kindof questionnaire and the app will calculate the perfect treatment that willsuit to your needs
  5. 5. HOW IT WORKS (2) You receive a confirmation when you order your treatment with a flashcode When you arrive in the Spa you give the flash code to the Spareceptionist and like that she already have all the information about you Plus you can also in the app live comment (like I have pain here orsurgery here…) so the receptionist will get also this information with theflash code.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION This app will make easier the booking of treatment The communication will be made by all the partner because it is intheir interest if people book with the app. Like that they have moretime to take care of customer present in the Spa. It spare people to pay at the Spa. They can pay directly online sothey can enjoy their treatment from the beginning to the end withoutfinish by the bill.