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DynaText - First SMS solution for Dynamics NAV (Formerly Navision)

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An comprehensive SMS solution which allows Dynamics NAV users to communicate business notifications through SMS. Create Templates for SMS to be send. Have an audtit Trial for the SMS function and integrate the solution seamlessly with Navision without much effort.

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DynaText - First SMS solution for Dynamics NAV (Formerly Navision)

  1. 1. We at Cetas focus on delivering innovative solutions that helps our customers to improve their productivity. Dynatext is another innovative solution which helps business people to get business notification on SMS. The solution is built as an add-on platform for Microsoft Dynamics ERP users to communicate Business Critical Information through SMS. Dynatext ensures critical business notifications are communicated to key business drivers against the following modes: Event BasedCetas Information Technology Pvt. Ltd Subscription Based and On Demand DYNATEXT The solution is built on .Net platform and Instant Business Notification seamlessly works with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Solution Highlights  Instant Business Notification  User Configurable Options  Enables Remote Management  Configurable Templates for System Enabled Messages  Audit Trail on usage  Configurable Roles and Privileges for usageCetas Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. thPhase 2, 9 Street It’s critical to know what one need to and at thePlot No. 21 &22 Wood Creek CountySt. Thomas Mount, Chennai – 600016 right time. Enabling this need at a cost effectiveIndia manner and without brining much complexity in a existing IT infrastructure is another uniquePhone: +91-44-42850231Fax: +91-44-22331496 value proposition of Dynatext.E-mail: Dynatext@cetastech.comwww.cetastech.com Call or write to us to experience the innovation.