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How to market listings (and create raving fans)

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Pricing and marketing listings correctly

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How to market listings (and create raving fans)

  1. 1. How to Market Listings and create raving fans
  2. 2. The Truth: What clients do not want to hear
  3. 3. The Truth: What Sales Agents Choose to Ignore
  4. 4. The Truth Over Priced homes do not sell (delaying the inevitable causes more problems) Location issue can only be solved by changing the price Condition issues can be solved by Spending Money to FIX the issue or adjusting the price to compensate Updating a home does not increase value over the comps Upgrading home does not add more value if all homes in area are upgraded The numbers do not lie. Appraisals are based on current SALES
  5. 5. “Perception is Reality” Works Both Ways Seller’s perception is money/time invested should be recouped Reality is there is nothing really special that every other seller hasn’t done Buyer’s perception - the longer home is on the market means there must be something wrong with it Reality is that it’s a great house but languished on the market for too long due to price Seller Perception is ‘“if they want it, they will make an offer” Reality is buyers overlook properties that overpriced properties. Buyer Perception is when property sits on market a long time they have permission to low-ball Reality is the seller and agent created a no-win scenario by over pricing and an already frustrated seller will get angry when receiving a low offers.
  6. 6. THE BIG LIE Seller perception is Even though his home is overpriced, it will eventually sell for this price. It is worth it and the agent just needs to market it better. Reality is NO AMOUNT OF MARKETING can overcome bad pricing.
  7. 7. Before Marketing - Get the Price Right
  9. 9. Your opinion is your opinion. Your perception is your perception. ... But people still don't understand the simple fact that perception is different from reality, and that everyone has their own perception of the world. Everyone thinks their perception is reality.
  10. 10. Create Raving Fans (and get Referrals) ● YOU MUST STAND OUT! ● Why use you when your like everyone else? ● How can you ask for full commission or more if you’re exactly like the other guys? ● How can you own mindspace when you’re forgettable? ● Lounge singers don’t have fans but ROCK STARS do! You’ll Never Build a Referral Business if You Don’t Stand Out!
  13. 13. First Step to Stellar Marketing PRICE THE HOUSE RIGHT! #NoExcuses #WarriorRealtor #Thetruthwillsetyoufree #nottodaysatan
  14. 14. Set Up the Pricing Strategy Conversation “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, we have to decide tonight in the marketing of your property when we unveil the home and do everything we’re going to do, to have the world see your house. We have to decide what pricing strategy we’re going to choose to get you the highest possible sale for your home.”
  15. 15. There are THREE Possible Strategies BELOW COMPS So, number one is, the bidding war or frenzied price strategy, and this is where we know homes are selling at a price range of X, or a per square footage of Y, and we, we just price it slightly below that, and then guess what happens? I turn on the marketing and everybody goes, oh my goodness, it’s a deal. “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, generally speaking, when people think there’s a deal and they hear that there’s multiple buyers writing offers on this property, what do you think happens to the price? (It goe up!) Exactly. WITH COMPS Well, option number two, is we go right at fair market value and we simply look at the comps and we see the price trends, and we price it perfectly, and those properties sell in this market very quickly as well. OVER COMPS And then obviously, you might say to me, but we’re really looking for you to find the needle in the haystack. Meaning that over priced homes just do not sell.”
  16. 16. Three-Option Pricing Strategy Conversation “Most agents have one pricing strategy. I believe there are actually three.” “You can price your home above the comps, which I call the ‘needle in the haystack’ approach. You’re hoping just the right buyer comes along and falls in love with your home enough to buy it at an above-market price. “You can price it right in line with fair market value. “Or, for my most savvy clients, we price it just below market value to create a bidding war opportunity. Of these three pricing strategies, which is better for you?”
  17. 17. When a home is priced right - MARKETING MATTERS Your client has to see what you are doing. You need to be proactive and show your work Don’t make the client hunt and wonder Don’t make it seem quick and easy
  18. 18. Purpose of Aggressive, Unique Marketing Plan 1. Make Seller Happy (Raving Fan) 2. Create Referrals 3. Earn Your Commission 4. Generate Leads 5. Supplement Sales Process
  19. 19. Smart Marketing Action Plan Use your Market Presentation as a checklist Set expectations that you will be rolling out the marketing and it takes 48-72 hours for everything to be live Do everything as quickly as possible (ie, put on mls, skyslope, order pictures, etc.) Then send individual emails over 2-3 days 1. Send link to MLS - Make Sure The photos and description are both AWESOME and COMPLETE 2. Send Realtor.com and Zillow Link 3. Send Photos 4. Send Virtual tour 5. Send Youtube Link 6. Send individual site/squeeze page link
  20. 20. Smart Marketing Action Plan Set Up CSS Auto feedback Call to Schedule an open house Take flyers to the house Send copy of Social Media Posts Send Copy of Craigslist ad Start weekly call Set up automatic MLS search for new, pending and sold
  21. 21. Tools of the trade Single Property Site - KVCore Squeeze Page, godaddy, retailmenot Just Listed Script Method for Obtaining J/L Phone Numbers Hire a professional photographer (one that does virtual tours) Have a “stand out” yard sign Get a LOT of nice open house signs made Set up a youtube channel Set up email Distribution list (all contacts get real estate emails: new listing, deal of the week, open houses) - ***You may use Constant Contact or Mail Chimp***
  22. 22. mySapl.org -> Services -> Databases ->ReferenceUSA -> Log in - >U.S. Standard White Pages - Search Choose advanced search ->Under Geography choose “Radius” -> Fill out form using subject address, enter .25 or .50 for Number of Miles -.> View Results
  23. 23. Just Listed Script Hi! My name is ________, with Exp Realty. I (we) just listed a home in your neighborhood at 123 Happy Hollow and it’s going for $_____ .Our marketing has generated a lot of interest in your area and we are looking at needing more homes to sell. Have you considered selling your home now or in the near future? Great! Well, this is a great time to choose your new neighbor. Do you know anyone looking to move?
  24. 24. Progressive Marketing Strategies to Get Your Home SOLD
  25. 25. One Story to the Next When you look to sell a home with an eXp agent, you can trust that you’ll be supported throughout the entire process. From marketing, to showing your space before potential buyers, our agents will walk with you toward a transaction that you can be delighted with. Backed with professional experience, market reports, and personalized data, we're ready to make your transition as smooth as possible.
  26. 26. EXP Realty, LLC is the largest residential real estate brokerage by geography in North America. We are changing the way agents, brokers and consumers work together in an adaptive, sustainable environment. When you chose EXP Realty, you are choosing leading edge technology, state-of-the-art marketing and the most enthusiastic, motivated agents in the country! EXP Realty is ranked among the top producing brokerages on the REAL Trends 500, according to the annual ranking and reporting published by REAL Trends, Inc. EXP is currently ranked in the TOP 3 of the highest producing companies in the San Antonio and surrounding areas.
  27. 27. In addition to all of the things you would normally expect from your agent, I have several Unique Strategies that are above and beyond the scope of the average Realtor.
  28. 28. Did you know... 90% of home buyers use the internet to search for a new home!
  29. 29. Strategy #1 My job is to make sure your listing gets seen. That’s why I syndicate my listings to ALL the major property portals including but not limited to:
  30. 30. Strategy #2 A Unique Property Deserves a Unique Property Site By creating a Unique Property Site for each of my listings, I am able to attract online buyers as well as provide local buyers with fast and comprehensive information about your property. These days, it’s easy for properties to get lost among the thousands of real estate listings added to the market each and every day. Your Unique Property Site will ensure that your property stands out from the crowd!
  31. 31. Strategy #3 Unique Professional Photography Daytime View Twilight View
  32. 32. Virtual Staging
  33. 33. Color Pop Drone Photography
  34. 34. Strategy #4 Videos and Virtual Tours are the most compelling form of web content! I will create a beautiful, compelling, informative Virtual Tour.
  35. 35. Strategy #5 Video Marketing I use the professional photos of your property to create a visually appealing virtual tour that will be featured everywhere your listing is found. The online based tour will be sent directly to buyers and other real estate agents. I will also convert it to video to be uploaded to YouTube. YouTube is an important part of my marketing strategy to get your listing noticed. YouTube receives over 2 BILLION visits per day
  36. 36. Strategy #6 There are over a BILLION social media users! Using an strategic combination of posts, video, squeeze pages , paid and organic ads, I will put your home where the homebuyers are spending their time.
  37. 37. Online Classifieds, such as CRAIGSLIST and FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE Are powerful tools for generating tons of views and interested buyers. The ads I create are professionally designed to get more buyers to your listing. Your property will stand head and shoulders above the competition. Strategy #7
  38. 38. • Hold Home Open Quickly and Often • Above average number of signs and directionals • Social Media • Video • Online Classified Ads • eMail Blasts to entire database • Professional Flyers and Brochures • Invitations to neighborhood • Invitations to other agents • Canvass Area with flyers • Large Yard Display and balloons • Provide a PRIZE GIVE AWAY to ensure correct info • Receive and provide feedback • Follow Up with Every Prospective Buyer UNIQUE Strategy #8
  39. 39. This is one simple step that most of our competitors never think to take. I am going to call the 5 agents who most recently have participated in recent sales in your area. Chances are good these agents might have other buyers looking in the neighborhood. PLUS…. I am going to call everyone in your neighborhood and with a mile radius to announce your listing and ask for a referral. Strategy #9 The Phone
  40. 40. Strategy #10 Consistent and Helpful Communication • Weekly Scheduled Call • Automatic feed back from showings • Automatically receive New Listing, Pendings and New Solds in the neighborhood • Review Pricing Weekly and Notify you of market changes
  41. 41. The ugly truth is that most agents employee the “3 Ps Marketing System:” 1) Put up a sign. 2) Put in on the MLS. 3) Pray a buyer writes up an offer on it. While most of my competitors are skipping the first 10 items in this list, I’m busy making sure your property is exposed and presented to as many buyers as possible. I want you to become a RAVING FAN as opposed to just another client. I will go above and beyond to ensure you have the best client experience possible . My mission is to sell you home QUICKLY for the HIGHEST PRICE possible with MINIMAL inconvenience to you. Not Your Average Agent
  42. 42. My Reviews "I am 110% satisfied will all aspects of the sale of my property. Rick went above and beyond to make sure to make sure I received the price I wanted with the terms that worked best for me. I highly recommend Rick. I will definitely use him again in the future. "This was my first sale of a property and Rick made it very easy He kept me informed and handled all of the details . I could not be happier with the entire experience. I highly recommend Rick for anyone buying or selling real estate." Rick Tankersley was a blessing. We were able to purchase a new home and sell our current home with no issue. Rick was personable, knowledgeable, familiar with the market, and communicated well and often. I would highly recommend the Rick Tankersley as a purchasing and selling agent.
  43. 43. CONTACT INFO Rick Tankersley, Broker P: 210-788-9690 E: rick@ricktankersley.com