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Six Things Our San Pedro Dentists Want Us To Know, PART 1

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Six Things Our San Pedro Dentists Want Us To Know, PART 1

  1. 1. Six Things Our San Pedro Dentists Want Us To Know, PART 1 In this two-part article series, we shall be discussing six things or facts that every dentist in San Pedro would like us to understand about our mouths and about oral healthcare. As far as looking after our teeth is concerned, all we really know is that we need to brush twice a day, floss as often as we can (and not once a year as you tend to have been doing lately) and that we’re all probably well overdue for a dental appointment. Actually, there’s reels and reels of advice and cautions pertaining to dental healthcare, most of which we are totally ignorant about! For example, dental X-rays aren’t dangerous as many people lament them to be. Actually, they’re indispensible to the early diagnosis of dental problems that would otherwise go undetected. In this two-part article series, we spoke to an experienced San Pedro dentist to find out what it is our dentists wish we knew about oral health and healthcare. Image courtesy of Free Digital Photos
  2. 2. Item # 1: Baby bottle decay is a real problem, and yet parents don’t seem to be listening to the warnings of their dentists. “Allowing your baby to suck on a bottle of juice, formula or milk all day, or allowing them to fall asleep with it at night can be disastrous for their dental health,” say San Pedro dentists. “It can lead to a condition aptly called ‘baby bottle decay,’ which can ruin their baby teeth and leave the child at greater risk of infection and general illness. Overexposure to the sugars and acids in juice and even formula is the problem. Rather, have set feeding times and between those, give your baby a bottle of water to suck on.” Item # 2: Xylitol chewing gum is great for oral health. Xylitol is a sugar substitute found in many sugar-free chewing gum brands and it’s super good for your teeth. This is because it aids in the remineralization of dental enamel after a meal or acidic drink, while the action of chewing gum encourages the production of saliva, which sweeps away food debris and bacteria. “Every time you eat, your dental enamel softens in the more acidic environment. This can leave it more vulnerable to bacteria, decay and wear-and-tear,” explains a dentist in San Pedro. “By chewing xylitol chewing gum, your enamel is restored to its previous strength, which does a lot to protect it against cavities. Get into the habit of carrying sugar-free gum around with you because it’s a useful oral healthcare adjunctive.”
  3. 3. Item # 3: Don’t get mouth or tongue piercings. Every dentist in San Pedro has this pet hate - oral piercings - and it’s for fair reason… “On several occasions, I have had to cut out pieces of a patient’s tongue because of the terrible infection that resulted from the piercing,” says one San Pedro dentist. “And even if the tongue or lip heals properly, the piercing itself does a lot of damage to the teeth in front of or behind it. It’s very common to find teeth chips, cracks, erosion and gum recession close to piercings. It’s not worth wrecking your teeth over. If you feel the need to be risqué, get a tattoo and make sure the agency is reputable and extremely hygienic.” Stay Tuned for Part 2 Stay tuned for the next installment of this two-part article series to find out some final facts and bits of information every dentist in San Pedro wish patients knew!