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Link Analysis and Link Building in a Penguin and Disavow World

Link Building got more difficult after Google's Penguin updates, but it does not mean that you should neglect it. Link building and SEO are not dead; they are just more sophisticated. Christoph Cemper, the founder of the LinkResearchTools, talks about the difficulties of Link Building and Link Analysis after Penguin.

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Link Analysis and Link Building in a Penguin and Disavow World

  2. 2. About Christoph C. Cemper SEO Founder of LinkResearchTools Creator of Link Detox @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  3. 3. Link Building @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  4. 4. Drop in traffic @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  5. 5. ARE HAPPENING  The question is WHEN…  And WHO gets hit. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  6. 6. Drop in visibility @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  7. 7. How Penguin problems look like? @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  8. 8. HOW will Google tell me? @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  9. 9. Google Penguin  Unnatural links  Low quality links  Over optimized anchor text (money keys)  Bad Neighborhood @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool  Natural links  On topic links  Natural anchor text Penguin hates Penguin likes This is unacceptable
  10. 10. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  11. 11. Bad  Buy Links  Free Directories  Forum/Blog Spamming  Link Swaps  Guest blogging  Syndication (widgets, themes, infographics) @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  12. 12. watch out  Not indexed domains  Dangerous domains (Malware, Malicious or Virus)  Weak domains  Link networks  Article Directory Links  Spammy forums  Location problems @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  13. 13.  Lists  Infographics  Research reports and case studies  Extra materials  Social promotion @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  14. 14.  Ask for backlinks  Reach out to the press  Join associations  Get reviews  Give testimonials  Offer internships  Attend offline events  Organize contests  Support local sponsorship @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  15. 15.  Link juice recovery  Competitors strongest links with low risk  Convert mentions into backlinks  Link Opportunity Simulation  Disavow file review  KEEP LEARNING!  AUTOMATE YOUR EFFORTS! @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  16. 16. HINT: It‘s not about link spamming with XRUMER + Scrapebox
  17. 17.  Some cheap „Mickey Mouse Desktop tool“ with „Private Proxies“ EXCEL GMAIL with some „cool“ plug-ins to save you time @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  18. 18. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  19. 19.  Links  Prospects  Creativity  Not Data Shuffling @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  20. 20. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool  BLP for link research + Pitchbox for outreach  No Excel involved. No Gmail involved. No Time Wasters.
  21. 21. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool  people linking to your Twitter to link to your site  people linking to your .COM if you also have a .ES  people linking to your old website, but not new website  people linking to your competitors but not you  ….  Missing Link Tool (MLT) + PitchBox  No Excel involved. No Gmail involved. No Time Wasters.
  22. 22. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool  BLP for link research + Pitchbox for outreach  No Excel involved. No Gmail involved. No Time Wasters.
  23. 23. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool  LJR gives you a htaccess in minutes
  24. 24. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  25. 25. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  26. 26. @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  27. 27. …. No Strings attached.
  28. 28. 7 GOLDEN RULES OF LINK BUILDING  Download this free ebook and find out:  If nofollow links are risky or not  What makes a link trustworthy  How can you determine if a link is good lrt.io/7golden-rules @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  29. 29. 111 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT RISKY LINKS  Download this free ebook and find out: What is the first thing I should do to recover my Google rankings? Is disavowing a link enough or does it has to be removed completely ? Should I disavow the page or the whole domain? lrt.io/111-seo-answers @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  30. 30. Give me Your Business Card and I will give you a FREE MONTH ACCESS TO LRT = @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool
  31. 31. A LOT QUESTIONS? bitly.com/bundles/cemper/2 helpdesk@linkresearchtools.com http://www.linkdetox.com http://www.linkresearchtools.com @linkdetox @cemper @lnkresearchtool