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Smart closet

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Smart closet

  2. 2. A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOUR BUSINESS• The ergonomic remote control with convenient operation• Automatic odor removal system• Living according to the duration automatic siphon withdrawal• Non-electric siphon to attract• Hands-off seat and the door opening / closing• 5 steps to adjust the water pressure• Self-cleaning, deodorizing, an automatic seat and cover, SD card support music player, and a pair of outer edge flush a toilet and a toilet seat consists of offering.
  3. 3. THE MARKET POTENTIAL AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY• The product is to adjust the water pressure, an antibacterial water filter, automatic flushing is open for a certain period of time pulling Seat, Child lock to prevent accidental operation of all functions, 2-stage water-jet vacuum siphon, with only 1 liter of water to make personal hygiene, insulated tank and seat with minimum power consumption, Eco function draws the attention of the target audience with features such as extra savings. The target group in terms of savings in terms of both technology and may prefer a
  4. 4. WHAT IS THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OF MY BUSINESS• Ergonomic structure and antibacterial cover is environmentally friendly.• Hand washing and toilet paper that does not require the use of a single (for children) or 3-4 keys (for other age groups) through the electronic shells of water saving of up to 50 per cent.• In particular, çocuklular, the elderly, sick and disabled people are limited to the same actions as a professional assistant• With adjustable temperature hot seat heating systems, hot water and a specially tuned closet water spray options, comfort, provides its hygiene.• Toilet seat to make it ready to operate all the functions seated, the toilet seat to get oturulmadıkça suddenly out of work or stops working when needed.
  5. 5. IS IT TECHNOLOGICAL ENOUGH TO BE PATENTED? Product is enough to get a patent. Because the product is offered for sale franchises in a lot of countries are in great demand for the country.
  6. 6. WHAT ARE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE BUSINESS? The reason for themany features of theproduct is to bepreferred. Bothdemand in manycountries, thisproduct is efficientand intelligentopinion.