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China News in Review 2011

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China Digital Times reviews the top news stories from China in 2011

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China News in Review 2011

  1. Year in Review China in 2011 By China Digital TimesClick on underlined text in each slide to read more Photos by: Vern Fong, Jim Gourley, kseedIV
  2. President Hu Jintao visits the U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden Visits China Photo by SS&SS
  3. China Shows Empathy and Support for Japan’s Earthquake Victims [Photo by U.S. Pacific Fleet]
  4. Ai Weiwei and others detained in Jasmine Revolution crackdown [Photo by Bopuc]
  5. The Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 90th birthday [Photo by Tim Dawson]
  6. RChinese charities face scrutiny following Guo Mei Mei scandal [Photo via Tales of City]
  7. A high-speed train derails as the Ministry of Railways implodes [Photo by · · · — — — · · ·]
  8. Independentcandidates wageunprecendented campaigns for local office
  9. The Rise of the Micro-blog
  10. Fires in Tibet:The Dalai Lama retires from politics and may not reincarnate Monks self-immolate to protest Beijing’s policies [Photo by c100tibet]
  11. U.S. Ambassador swap: Jon Huntsman leaves Beijing for White House bid; Gary Locke arrives [Official U.S. Embassy photo via Linda Cotton]
  12. Netizens rally to support activist Chen Guangcheng [Photo from Dark Glasses, Portrait]
  13. Tensions in the South China Sea Photo from Official U.S. Navy Imagery
  14. Exploding melons, poisoned meat, contaminated milk and other tales from China’s food safety wars Photo by Jordan Pouille
  15. The housing bubble deflates [Photo by Ming Xia]
  16. Apple in ChinaGaining Market Share Losing the Environment Mourning Steve Jobs [Photo by Warren R.M. Stuart]
  17. Death of toddler Yue Yue prompts national soul searching Photo via A Mother’s Thoughts
  18. Siege in WukanUnrest in Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Guizhou, XinjiangEnvironmental protests in Dalian and Haimen [Photo via Wen Yunchao on G+]
  19. China shows support for North Korea after death of Kim Jong-il [Photo by Bert van Dijk]