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Ipg sell your product poster

"Sell your product" Poster Project - Lesson Plan

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Ipg sell your product poster

  1. 1. act Instructional Planning Grid TEKS: 117.35 c 7.2 & 7.4 2. Big Understandings Understanding and applying elements and principles of art: Objective: Dominance, symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance. To create an artwork based on direct observation, personal experience, and imagination. 3. Assessment Evidence The students will create an advertisement for a product that bears their name. It may be a brand of toothpaste, a car, a videogame, a doll, a cereal, or an action figure. 4. Opening Hook Show the students a Power Point presentation with examples of product posters such as Coca- Cola, Apple Computers and also introduce the students to artists that frequently made advertisement posters such as: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Alfonse Mucha, Aubrey Beardsley. Will review different ways of achieving balance. The teacher will ask students what they think a poster is used for, why they might see posters around school or town. 5. Instructional Strategies/Student Activities Vocabulary: Marketing: the act of buying or selling in a market Margins: the space around the printed or written matter on a page --------------------------------------------------- To create an eye catching design that will cause the viewer to come in closer to get necessary information. The main element in the poster will be a large drawing of the product itself. The large lettering (student’s name) could be on top of the product, with smaller information off to one side. 6. Materials/Resources Time needed: 2-3 class periods Materials: Posterboard Rulers Newsprint Poster paint Markers Scissors Brushes Glue Pencils 7. Grouping Patterns Heterogenous Groups 8. Ending, Summary/Reflection The s’s will be encouraged to talk about their work. The s’s will be asked to discuss their thoughts behind creating their “Product” poster. They will also be asked to share what inspired them to create the final Poster. “Sell Your Product” Poster Jr. High School